Knitscene Winter includes 13 sweater knitting patterns and more

FC_KSWinter15-1Officially, yesterday was the first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere. Unofficially, that little notation on the calendar is a subconscious queue to many of us knitters to stop kidding around and get to knitting! The idea of doing anything but knitting a sweater right now abhors me. But we must pace ourselves, and keep on keeping on,  and not quit our day jobs because they interfere with our wardrobe-building processes.

Writing this post is going to make that very hard for me to do and probably difficult for you as well and for that, I am truly sorry.

Our Winter issue of Knitscene is finally here! I say “finally” because I’ve been daydreaming about sharing this issue with people since we wrapped up photography in May. I had a crazy idea with this issue—”why not just do one issue that encompasses everything we deem to be ‘winter knitting essentials'”? And that’s what this issue is. A love letter to winter, from knitters and people who love knitted garments for cold weather.

Our letter opens with the story of two sisters, twins who live in Toronto, Cananda, and design incredible knitting patterns, including three sweater knitting patterns for this collection.KnitScene-2015-Winter-0444 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0659

Sachiko and Kiyomi Burgin have both contributed to Knitscene, and made appearances in knit.purl, and I love their individual aesthetics. But when I was developing the “one big story” plan, I decided to be a little crazy and throw in “two featured designers”. Sachiko’s Bay-and-Gable Tunic (top) uses a combination of slip-stitches and texture to create a subtly textured front. Kiyomi’s Queen Street Pullover (from the cover of this issue) features a unique construction for slanted pockets on the front with just a hint of ribbing at the sleeves for interest.KnitScene-2015-Winter-0745 KnitScene-2015-Winter-1034


Together this dynamic duo created six pieces inspired by their daily lives in Toronto, where both sisters work at Romni Wools and spend their days surround by knitting and yarn. Sachiko’s Casa Loma Vest (top) wraps around the shoulders to form the slight cap sleeve at the top of the double-moss stitch textured fabric. The Little Norway Pullover from Kiyomi pulls chevron colorwork into a disjointed pattern, mirrored on the small front pocket. KnitScene-2015-Winter-0583 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0065While each sister’s pieces explore their individual design identities, Kiyomi and Sachiko consulted with each other before sending in their final ideas and the result is a cohesively chic collection of knitting patterns that are essential to looking cool and feeling warm this winter. Sachiko’s Yorkville Wrap (top) is worked from ends to the center and joined seamlessly with just a touch of over-sized lace at the very edges. Kiyomi’s Deep Woods Toque updates traditional colorwork in a modern tree motif with surprising pops of color. We loved this hat so much in the office that we created a limited number of kits for this project—and the best part is that Kiyomi used Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails for the contrast colors, so you get exactly the amount of yarn you need with no large partial skeins left over.

We’ll be talking more about the rest of the projects from Knitscene Winter over the coming weeks, but you can get your digital copy today or pre-order the physical now. Plus, as a special thank you to our customers, if you buy your copy from our store, you get a pattern designed by Knitscene editor Amy Palmer for free! The Mewesic Socks knit up quickly in a DK-weight yarn and feature a reverse stockinette panel running down the back of the leg to form the sole of the socks. The ribbing at the top can be worn out (as shown) or tucked into the top of the socks for extra warmth. If you’re a subscriber or you buy your copy elsewhere, don’t worry—this pattern will be available, for free, to everyone in the near future. KnitScene-2015-Winter-0243

KnitScene-2015-Winter-1142 KnitScene-2015-Winter-1106 KnitScene-2015-Winter-1080 KnitScene-2015-Winter-1012 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0963 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0916 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0883 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0837 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0739 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0403 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0345 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0314 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0198 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0105 KnitScene-2015-Winter-0025

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