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Editor’s note: We love to reflect on our best, and when it comes to summer projects, we still feel that knitscene Summer 2018 shines especially bright. Check out our poolside theme within these vibrant pages. Your needles will be begging for a summer project.

Ah, summertime. Summer might be my favorite season. Autumn used to be my favorite, back when I lived in Kansas. Colorado autumns are breathtaking, too, so don’t get me wrong, but summers in Colorado are epically beautiful. They’re also much drier than Kansas summers, and therefore much more enjoyable. It gets nice and hot during the day but it’s rarely unbearable—the thermometer might break 100 degrees Fahrenheit one or two days each summer. I love, love, love it.

In my knitscene Summer 2018 editor’s letter, I waxed poetic about the summers I spent at the pool as a kid, and about how I’m still a pool rat. On top of that, I’m one of those weirdos you’ll find knitting at the pool. Many people stop knitting in the summer; it feels pretty natural to want to get the wool off your lap as the weather heats up. Fortunately for people like me who don’t want to stop knitting, there are some great summer alternatives to wool knitting, if you’re in a place where that might overheat you.

Try knitting with a plant fiber or blend. Many projects from knitscene Summer use yarns with wool or alpaca, but they are blended with plant fibers like cotton or linen. The Tide Pool Top by Megan Nodecker, for instance, is knitted with The Fibre Co. Luma, a blend of wool, cotton, linen, and silk. This blend makes the top breathable, light, and strong. Not to mention this line of yarn has beautiful, rich colorways.

Another way to avoid getting overheated when you knit in the summer is to pick smaller or lighter weight projects. Not only are they faster to knit, but they’re cooler on your lap than a big wool sweater (should you choose to knit in the hot sun like I do). Socks are a great option and are easy to travel with. Airy tank tops are also perfect, since they don’t have sleeves and require much less yarn. The Cube Socks from knitscene Summer 2018 make for a very fun project that uses intarsia in the round—a method you don’t see everyday, but that isn’t hard, either.

knitscene Summer 2018

knitscene Summer 2018

Check out our first knitscene lookbook for a glance at all the projects, and order your copy of the issue today! Don’t forget to let us know what you plan on knitting this summer!

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This item was originally posted on April 2, 2018, and updated on July 3, 2019.

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