knitscene Summer 2017: Time to Get Moving

There is a spot along the Cache la Poudre River northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado, that is my favorite place to camp. I’m not going to tell you exactly where it is, because it’s something of a secret and I am selfish. It’s not too far from the road, but it’s just secluded enough that when my friends and I go, we don’t have to camp near or talk to other people. That, to me, is the point of camping—in addition to eating campfire-heated burritos and wearing my clothes that smell like that campfire the entire following day.

Camping is my summertime activity of choice. Coloradoans are generally pretty active people, and once that final spring thaw happens and the summer heat settles in, you can find folks of all ages taking advantage of the fresh air and sunshine. The hikes in northern Colorado and the Rockies are myriad and quality, ranging from easy to pretty damn difficult.

What is on your adventure list this summer? Are you planning a trip? Are you planning to get outdoors? Whether you are planning to get away and get active or to keep it low-key and take some relaxation time for yourself, take this summer issue of knitscene with you for inspiration and wearable summer projects.

This issue features something a little different: an Interweave staff project story. I asked my coworkers to create their ideal summer projects, and what resulted were casual and easy-to-wear knits. Joni’s Lacy Cowl is made with just one skein of yarn with ample yardage and is accompanied by an article to assist you in grafting lace seamlessly.

The Greenery story was inspired by Pantone’s Color of 2017, which goes by the same name. You’ll notice that not all of the projects are literally green in color, but they have elements inspired by the green foliage we see in the summertime. Dream Team is packed with cotton and linen summer tops, plus a pair of shorts because I like to push the envelope. This story also has a companion article by Melissa Leapman all about stripes in knitting and a great way to approach them with ease.

We also have an excerpt from the new book Garter Stitch Revival (Interweave, 2017): the Coney Island Shawl by Anne Podlesak. Lastly in Blogspotting, we get to talk with the folks behind Our Maker Life, a collective blog that is all about community and creating. It is my hope that this issue inspires you to create wearable knits that let you move this summer, whatever you decide to do with your time.

To summertime knitting!


knitscene Summer 2017