Knitscene Style: Office edition

Two weeks ago, when I asked the Knitscene audience on Twitter for some questions for my intro post, Julia asked about what I wear, personally, especially in regards to the office setting. Thinking this would make an excellent blog post itself, I made plans to snap photos of my fellow editors, as well as myself, for a blog post today.

I took these pictures on Monday, and something funny happened. We're generally a fairly well-dressed group—nice jeans, office-appropriate tops, maybe a cardigan or two—but this past Monday, most of us wore dresses. This kind of collective effort doesn't happen here very often. We work on the "second-and-a-half" floor (the layout of this building is a little hard to describe but makes perfect sense when you see it in person), so we deal with a lot of stairs and so pants and flat shoes are the norm. But apparently on Monday, after we've had a couple of days to ourselves, we all have extra energy to make the effort.

I wore an orange sundress with a navy Swiss dot blouse knotted under my bust. I love this orange sundress, and it's one of the more "out there" purchases I've made in terms of color and clothing, but it's very comfortable and easy to wear on its own or with other pieces (you can see it again in the picture of me from that intro post).

Louisa, the new Knitscene assistant editor, wore a blue and white striped dress with a black cardigan. At the time, Louisa had only been on the job two weeks, but she apparently has instinctively picked up on our unofficial office dress code: I have a blue and white striped dress, and Allison, our managing editor, has a teal and white striped dress. That we've both worn on the same day. Thankfully Louisa's stripes are vertical, whereas the stripes on the other dresses are horizontal.

Interweave Knits' assistant editor Amanda wore a pretty pink dress with coral ribbon details at the neckline and a camel cardigan. Here, Amanda was busy opening boxes of projects and products for future Interweave Knits issues.

Our senior project editor for both knitting titles, Joni, was the only one wearing pants (well, only one of those people who agreed to be photographed—we're generally a pretty shy bunch), along with her lovely ombre-style pullover.

And Allison, managing editor and my aforementioned clothing twin, was wearing an incredibly comfortable looking maxi dress with navy and pink stripes. And now I want one for my own closet.

What's most surprising about the clothing options is that this week is press week for Knitscene Fall. Press weeks can mean running up and down the stairs to our production coordinator's desk many times between Monday and Wednesday, and yet those of us going to press were wearing dresses. But maybe this is only impressive to me. Maybe some people are capable of going up and down stairs in skirts and dresses and not falling over, but I do not claim to be one of those people.

It's too warm in the offices for many knitted layers at the moment, even though the weather's been pretty nice outside. West-facing windows and the afternoon sun mean we leave the heavy wool at home, but haven't yet transitioned into lighter, knitted summer pieces.

How do you dress for your office? Fun fact: The first pair of fingerless mitts I ever knit were made when I lived in Florida, because the air-conditioning was always on and I was always cold.

Happy knitting,

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