knitscene Spring Kicks Off 2017

Illustration by Bekah Thrasher.

Illustration by Bekah Thrasher.

Shortly after I came on as editor of knitscene magazine this past April, I received an email about a potential feature for the Interweave knitting team. An article submission had come in from a knitwear designer who lives in Hollywood named Krista Ann of the knitwear design company KnitsyKnits. Krista explained that she works on the Hulu show The Mindy Project designing and knitting outfits for Mindy Kaling’s character, and asked if we’d be interested in running a story about it. Um, yes please! Sometimes when something just falls in your lap, you’ve got to take it and run with it. I jumped on this opportunity and am excited to share it with you in the brand-new issue of knitscene Spring 2017.

In the feature Krista tells her story of how she came upon the wonderful and unusual opportunity to knit for a TV show and what designing knitwear in Hollywood is like for her. She works with the show’s costume designer Salvador Perez to come up with the ideas, and knits up the pieces in fingering weight in a very short amount of time. On top of that, she does it all herself—no help!

In this issue Krista shares with us a few patterns from The Mindy Project that Mindy wears on the show: a matching red vest and skirt with diamond cables up the side and across the hem, respectively. It’s a super cute outfit when you wear the pieces together, or either piece can easily be incorporated into lots of different outfits. These are great projects for if you enjoy working with fingering weight yarn and want to spend lots of time knitting while watching The Mindy Project.
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There’s a lot of other fun stuff in this debut issue of 2017, so go check it out and get yourself a copy! Depending on where you are located, you might see a different cover image that looks like this:

Don’t worry! This isn’t a special issue, it’s only a different cover. We’re doing a test to see what YOU like! Which cover do you prefer? Take our survey on the Knitting Daily Facebok page and let us know what you think!

What are you most excited to knit in 2017?


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