Knitscene Spring 2019: The Editor’s Note

Traveling is my special little bubble where time is suspended, providing a peak-knitting environment. It’s a welcome break from the ever-constant worry of wasting time—finally, a chance to slow down and enjoy.

That knitting bubble is indescribably wonderful. I put my yarn and project in my lap, start an exciting podcast or soothing album, and the world melts away. When I need to rip out an hour of work, there’s no meltdown, no exasperated sigh, nothing! I shrug my shoulders and tear it out, knowing I spent the past hour thoroughly entertained. I have no regrets.

This love for all things air, travel, and knitwear inspires the Spring 2019 issue of knitscene—an exciting edition with projects geared toward adventurous, stylish knitters like you.

Our Jetsetter story features seven projects so cozy, chic, and practical that they’re sure to improve your travel experience. Our Lace story has nine great layering and statement pieces to wear on and off the plane. I hear you saying, “You want me to knit a lace pattern on the go—are you insane?” Well, Roxanne Richardson’s article “Fixing Common Mistakes in Lace Knitting” has you covered with masterful lace problem-solving.

Delve into some gorgeous skeins from HauteKnitYarn, an indie dyer with designer bases and exciting shades. Plan for success with notions designed for travel knitting with our Gear Guide. And if you find yourself in a bind, we have some suggestions for utilizing found objects to replace missing notions.

I am honored to take on the role of knitscene’s editor and am so lucky to have spent the past two and a half years learning from the smart, talented, and wickedly funny Hannah Baker. I look forward to serving you, reader, and the knitscene title.

I hope to see you knitting in the wild with me,

(Photos by Nathan Rega, Harper Point Photography)

There’s so much to discover in knitscene!

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