TBT: These ’90s Music Questions Will Reveal Your Next Sweater Project

In knitscene Spring 2018, you will find 10 garment patterns inspired by the very versatile, very stylin’, and totally wacked decade of the 1990s. In my opinion, the best part of the nineties was by far the music. From grunge to pop to indie-singer-songwriter, there is just so much to be said about all the rockin’ jams of the decade. Answer these questions regarding your nineties music preferences, and we’ll tell you which sweater from the issue best suits your inner nineties rock star.

Pick a Spice Girl

Photo by Melanie Laccohee/Wikimedia

Pick a Nirvana Song

Photo by Marc Wathieu/Flickr

Pick a nineties anthem from these rad female vocalists or groups

Photo by Lorie Shaull/Wikimedia

Pick a nineties anthem from one of these tubular dudes/dude bands

Photo by James/Wikimedia

Pick a nineties album that best represents you

Photo by Edvill/Wikimedia

Pick the most epic soundtrack featuring a nineties song

Photo by AirstarInternational/Wikimedia

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