Magazine Subscriptions: The Original Amazon Prime

I don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime. That was just the hook. As an aspiring minimalist, I do my best to keep purchases limited to the essentials as much as possible; I say “aspiring” because I still slip up from time to time. But I personally can’t justify spending $100 a year for “free” shipping—is it actually free if you are paying money to get it?—on stuff I’m probably not going to order in the first place.

However, I was recently reminded of the occasionally helpful nature of online shopping. My dog has to take a glucosamine supplement for her joints, one bag of which lasts exactly a month and costs over $60 from the vet. I’ve been paying $60+ for this stuff every month for about a year now, so one day I randomly looked it up online to see if I could find it for a cheaper price. Well, what do you know! I found it for half the price I was paying, AND I was able to select a monthly auto-ship. It saves me money and I don’t have to go anywhere for it. And the dog is a happy girl!

When you think about it, magazine subscriptions had the “online shopping” scheme figured out long before the Internet was even a thing. You don’t have to go anywhere, you save money by paying for a years’ worth of issues up front, and your favorite magazines come right to your door. You don’t even have to keep track of if there is a new issue—chances are you have the issue in your hand before it’s even available on newsstands.

knitscene magazine

knitscene Summer sure is making a big splash!

When you subscribe to knitscene magazine, you get four issues a year for the price of three. And you don’t miss a thing! Our current issue, knitscene Summer 2018, features 19 brand-new knitting patterns that are all about catching the summer rays and trying out different color blocking styles. One of the color blocking projects is this adorable pair of socks that are knitted in intarsia in-the-round, that you can get in a kit in Blueberry Cobbler or Graphite.


What are you going to knit when you get your copy of knitscene Summer 2018?!

Happy subscribing!

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