A Glance at the Past Year of knitscene Magazine

Amid the hustle and bustle of publishing life, I often forget to stop and take a bit of time to fully appreciate the magazines my team and I have created. After months of non-stop concept and creative development, hard work, problem solving, and good and bad days alike, we receive office copies of the latest knitscene and ooh and aah over them for a few minutes. Then, we put them away, because we’re already busy working on what’s coming next. I have to remind myself to take more time to fully sink my teeth into the fruits of our labor.

As bizarre as this sounds, we’re about to wrap up all of knitscene’s 2018 issues. Fall 2018 was just released, and in the next few months the Winter issue is going to make its way out of the Interweave doors (yes, I realize our publishing schedule is… ambitious). As we approach the final issue of our little quarterly knitting publication, and in the spirit of appreciating the results of lots of hard work, I want to take a look back at the past year and enjoy some of my favorite moments.

Here are some random stats about knitscene issues since our Winter 2017 issue, up through Fall 2018:

● We’ve had 4 photo shoots
● We’ve published a whopping 72 patterns
● 374 skeins of yarn have been used
Knitscene favorites on Ravelry currently total 9128

Our top patterns from each issue show variety and a special approach to the knitwear aesthetic.

knitscene Winter 2017

Flurries Cowl by Heather Zoppetti
Stitch Sprouts Yellowstone

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knitscene Spring 2018

Palouse Top by Cheryl Toy
Manos del Uruguay Alegria

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knitscene Summer 2018

Boardwalk Top by Irina Anikeeva
Shibui Knits Drift


knitscene Fall 2018

Agatha Shawl by Mone Dräger
Ancient Fibre Crafts Socknado


Top pattern overall: Boardwalk Top

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P.S. Stay tuned for our final issue of 2018, knitscene Winter!

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