Knitscene Galleries III: Riding To Avalon and Dirndl Raglan

Here are the final two Galleries from the new Fall 2008 Knitscene:

Riding to Avalon by Connie Chang Chinchio

Dirndl Raglan by Amanda Furlan

Gallery Gals' Choice!

I thought it might be interesting to hear straight from our Gallery models which sweater THEY liked best…and why. We heard from Amy and Erin in the last post; here's what Toni and Stefanie have to say:

I love simple sweaters with a touch of texture, and if it has a hood I’m even happier. The next sweater to join my “projects to start” list will be the Riding to Avalon sweater. I’ve already purchased the yarn. Thanks to Sandi and Knitting Daily I am excited to customize the sweater to my own proportions. Then I will be on the hunt for the perfect buttons

I was in love with the Riding to Avalon sweater from the moment I saw the Knitscene preview, although my choice is a bit biased because I’m a sucker for hoodies (my favorite is an incredibly ratty purple one that I’ve been wearing for about 7 years but I refuse to give it up). There’s something so comforting about hoodies for me – not only will they protect you from the rain, but you can hide in them if you’re feeling exposed or awkward in public! Aside from the simple fact that it’s a hoodie, I also love all of the little details about this sweater: the extra long cuffs, the subtle color variation in the yarn, the overlapping neckline, the textured hood/cuffs, and the use of buttons as a design element. This sweater is simple yet complex at the same time – and I really like that. During the Gallery photoshoot, I realized that the sample sweater is definitely too small for me. I prefer hoodies to have a bit of slouch because I never wear them without a layer underneath, so if I ever made this (which, sadly, I don’t think I have the skills to do yet) I would make it a least a size bigger. Other than that – perfect! This is pretty much the exact sweater I would design for myself if I ever designed a sweater… I’d make a deeper hood, but that’s it

See all the designs in the new Fall 2008 issue of Knitscene magazine!
And then…if you just can't bear to wait to cast on, look for it at your local yarn shop. Actually, it appears that tons of you have already been doing just that, because we're getting calls from the shops asking to re-order it already! If there are no copies or no local yarn shops for miles around,  then you can order it from us, of course. We wouldn't want you to suffer the agony of not being able to get this issue, would we? No, of course not.

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Galleries from the Fall 2008 issue of Knitscene magazine:

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Q&A from the comments:

Gail Costigan asks: I am actually interested in the nice little sleeveless "tank" that Sandi is wearing in the photo of the Kaftan. Where could I get that??????? Sandi says: You have good taste, Gail 🙂 That's the Lace Blouson by Kim Dolce, from the Summer 2004 issue of Knits. It's one of my all-time favorite summer tops!

AnnR wants to know: I like the shirt that Sandi is knitting at the present time: The Camisa sweater with the V neckline. The yarn used is called Muench String of Pearls. Where can I get this yarn? Do you sell yarn at the online store? Sandi replies: Hi Ann! We don't sell yarn in our online store, so check with your local yarn shop and see if they can get it for you. It's really beautiful yarn–just a bit of sparkle, and a great texture. (I keep a ball of it on my desk here at work just to fondle when I need a pick-me-up.)

More great designs from Connie Chang Chinchio!

Every now and then a new designer comes along who seems to capture our hearts with everything she designs. Well, Connie, this time it's you, girlfriend! It started with the Henley Perfected, a sweet little lacy version of a comfy favorite, and went on from there to the classy Riding to Avalon hoodie in today's Gallery. So, just in case you're a Connie fan, here's where you can find more Great Connie Designs here at Interweave:

Henley Perfected: Winter 2007 Knits; pattern also sold individually in the KD Pattern Store
Printed Silk Cardigan: Spring 2008 Knits; pattern also sold individually in the KD Pattern Store
Drawstring Chemise: Spring 2008 Knits
Apres Surf Hoodie: Summer 2008 Knits
Riding to Avalon: Fall 2008 Knitscene

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

 What's on Sandi's needles? The Camisa, from Knitscene Fall 2006! I finished the Drawstring Raglan, and now I have swatched and cast on for a new summer top, in sparkly, wonderful yarn (String of Pearls from Muench). Love the yarn. Love the pattern. Stay tuned for photos!

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