Knitscene Fall Sweater Knit-Along

I love simple, cozy sweaters. Truth be told, the hooded sweatshirt is my favorite clothing item and my best days happen when I can wear a hoodie comfortably all day long. I’m not really a fitted-sweater kind of gal—I love having some wiggle room to settle into, and fitted sweaters make me feel a lot more self-conscious. Who has time for that? I sure don’t!

I just finished knitting the Cormac Sweater by Leah Thibault from Knitscene Fall  a lovely, simply shaped sweater with an allover lace pattern and drop shoulders. The pattern calls for Shibui Knits Maai, a chain-plied alpaca/merino blend that I fell in love with when I first got a sample skein a while ago. It’s absolutely wonderful to work with, and complements the lace of the pattern, knitting up into an extremely soft, spongy texture. I tend to choose blue colorways when I knit sweaters, so this time I wanted something different. Since the sweater featured in the issue is a mustard yellow, I went with a bright red (the Tango colorway), and call the final product my Ketchup Sweater.


Cormac Sweater, Leah Thibault, Knitscene Fall 2015


Swatching it up . . .


The front/back piece and my favorite coffee mug.

The allover lace pattern is super simple, with a four-stitch and four-row repeat. It’s also only four pieces: the front and back (which are exactly the same) and the sleeves. There is no body-shaping, and minimal sleeve-shaping which is simple and easy.

This is only my fifth knit sweater, but I think it’s definitely my favorite so far. I was able to use my experience and knowledge from the last four—what I liked, what I didn’t like, what fit well, what didn’t fit well—in order to pick, knit, finish, and block a sweater properly in order to get a garment I truly do want to wear and that already fits well into my wardrobe.


I knitted this project in a Ravelry knit-along hosted by the designer, and Knitscene editor Amy hosted a KAL for the Solitude Jacket in the same issue. If you missed out on the knit-alongs, never fear! You can still get a copy of (the 10th anniversary issue!) and go nuts on your favorite sweater project.


Bonus tree pose photo just because.


And a little goof.

Happy fall sweater knitting,
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