knitscene Fall 2017 Ravelry Round-Up

Hello knitting fans! Knitscene Fall 2017 hit the shelves on July 10th. This issue focused on cardigans, ideal for your work day or elegant evening, and must-have accessories. These patterns have been on Ravelry for a few weeks now, and it’s time to see how they rank with knitters.

1st Place: White Smoke Cardigan by Alison Green

knitscene Fall 2017

Alison Green’s cardigan design comes out swinging with a twisted-stitch cable panel down the back that gets mirrored on the front bands. Its hem and cuffs feature garter ribbing, which pulls the whole design together. Did I mention the White Smoke Cardigan has pockets? You’ll love this refined open cardi for daytime and nighttime wear.

2nd Place: Chili Pepper Cardigan by Bonnie Sennott

knitscene fall 2017

The Chili Pepper Cardigan takes a vintage look and updates it for the modern era. Its clean lines are pleasing to the eyes and accent the lozenge-patterned front bands and cuffs. Bonnie Sennott took care to balance the highly patterned sections of this garment with subtle stockinette stitch, creating a statement garment with eye-catching edges. The Chili Pepper Cardigan pulls together stockinette stitch, short rows, and an inventive stitch pattern to create a new classic design.

3rd Place: Blake Shawl by Laura Reinbach

knitscene fall 2017

Shawls are a must-have accessory. Everyone should have a go-to shawl at their disposal. These garments have been worn for my hundreds of years and can carry with them a stigma of times gone by. Laura Reinbach shatters that stigma with her Blake Shawl. An asymmetrical triangle, it features boxy motifs on the body and a seed stitch border. It works as a grab-and-go shawl during the day and an accent piece to fan out and wear at night.

4th Place: Ashes Cardigan by Quenna Lee

knitscene fall 2017

Cozy, classic, with a touch of modern style. Quenna Lee creates a design that is subtle but never understated. The brioche pattern that makes up the body is the definition of comfort: soft, airy, and warm. The button band and cuffs are knit in garter stitch, setting the stage for your favorite buttons. Garter stitch also offers a level of structure to frame the cozy brioche stitch. This combination of brioche and garter stitch will motivate you to get your cuddle on.

Did your favorite pattern make the cut? Let us know which knitscene Fall 2017 is your favorite.

-Gus Baxter

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