Knitscene: Fall 2009 Preview

A note from Kathleen: It's here! It's here! The new issue of Knitscene is available at your local yarn shop or bookstore as we speak. This issue is absolutely full of cutting-edge designs and information that you'll all want to have at your fingertips as you start your fall knitting. I have a huge bag of alpaca that's been mocking me for months now, and I think I've found the perfect project: the Emerald Isle Cardigan by Melissa Wherle. I need a new fall jacket and I love the cuff detail on this beauty. I really need that alpaca to get off my back, too, so I'm going to talk to it tonight about its new incarnation.

Knitscene editor extraordinaire Lisa Shroyer is here to introduce this jam-packed issue, and we're starting a Knitscene blog, too, so check to see the first post in "Inside Knitscene." Lisa and other Knitscene folks will share insight into what makes Knitscene so special. Lisa is also going to post occasionally about upsizing patterns from Interweave Knits and Knitscene (Lisa brought us the plus-sized version of The Central Park Hoodie), and talk about myriad techniques, patterns, and interesting knitterly topics.

So here's Lisa!


I love this new Knitscene. From graphic colorwork to looping cables to simple plains of stockinette, these projects really hit that sweet spot of chic and oh-my-goodness-I-have-to-knit-that. If you're a knitter who enjoys each and every stitch, you'll find engaging patterns here. If you're a knitwear maven, like our own Kate Sonnick (Stylespotting), you'll find trend-relevant and wearable pieces. The projects range from beginner to intermediate, with most patterns falling in the advanced-easy category.

The photoshoot for this issue took place over a dreary, rainy, snowy week in April, in Denver, Colorado. Because of the weather, we shot a lot of the projects in the studio. I love working in the studio–the photos are all about the knitted garments. There's no distraction. And the final look is so clean and contemporary.

When we weren't in the studio, we shot at the Loveland Feed & Grain, an 1890s agricultural building in historic Loveland, Colorado. The peeling paint on brick, the rusted metal, the railroad tracks, all slick with rain that April day, lent a sense of history and romantic grit to the projects in the Graphic Elements story. Though the weather made for miserable working conditions, the final images really capture a kind of drama–from the cloud cover and the models being freezing but gritting their teeth through it! I wouldn't change a thing, now. Of course, it's July in the South where I am right now, and those April temperatures are a distant memory.


What is Knitscene?

Knitscene is a special magazine that comes out twice a year from Interweave, featuring easy, stylish projects that are fun to make. We work with themed storylines in Knitscene; in this issue, we present:

+ Contemporary Cables: Unusual cabled projects, including reversible scarves
+ Graphic Elements: Feminine yet graphically modern knits
+ Fall Session: His and hers casual outer wear
+ Unusual Wools: Tape yarns and tubular constructions make unusual fabrics

Features, Articles, and Technique Highlights

+ Profile on blogger and designer Melissa Wehrle, with four new exclusive designs
+ Technical Articles: Learn to count rows in a cable and read a lace chart
+ Stylespotting: Fashion knit-blogger Kate Sonnick walks us through the culture of the Cowichan

Enjoy the preview!


Find the new issue of Knitscene at your LYS, bookstore, or order it here.


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