Knitscene Fall 2008 Riding to Avalon

Gallery: Riding to Avalon by Connie Chang Chinchio

Knitscene Fall 2008As you can see, the same sweater looks very different on different women! We give general suggestions for customization for your inspiration. Only you can choose how you want your sweaters to fit and which customizations will work best for you and your beautiful self!

Riding to Avalon

Sample garment shown measures 34.75".

Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Toni   Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Toni


Her bust: 33.5"
1.25" positive ease

Size: Love it! Sleeves: Good. Unless Toni wanted them to come to her knuckles (also a cute look), these are fine. Waist: Could be just a bit lower so the shape sits more easily on her hips. Length: Great. Hood: Someone please call Hollywood, because we have a gorgeous blonde elf woman here for their next installment of Tolkien.

Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Amy


Her bust: 39"
4.25" negative ease

Size: Why does Amy look adorable in every single sweater, even if it's too small for her? I don't know, but she must have inherited the Adorable Gene. All right, back to business: This size is too tight on her, so there are two options, depending on how Amy would like the hoodie to fit: she could go for the 38.75", which would be a smidgeon of negative ease, or she could go for the 42.75", which would give her some room and fit more comfortably (especially if she wanted to wear a shirt underneath). I think the larger size, with the extra positive ease, would be more cloak-ish, and look more as Connie The Designer intended it to. Sleeves: The sleeve length here is perfect! Look how it comes down to her knuckles–I love that look. Waist: There is very gentle waist shaping in this hoodie, and I think in the larger size, it would fall at a better place on Amy. Currently, it is too high, almost under her bustline. Hood: The hood height is fine, but the depth (front to back) seems a bit shallow–see how it doesn't quite come over her hairline? If it's too shallow, she'd feel as though it were always falling off; plus, it would not give her any coverage for her eyes and face in the rain. That might be remedied in the larger size; if not, she could add increases as described below for Debbie. Length: Whoo! Short. At least an inch, if not two, longer would be good.

Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Kat   Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Kat


Her bust: 40"
5.25" negative ease

Size: This is quite curve-fitting on Kat–see how the waistband of her jeans shows through? I'd recommend the 42.75" for comfort and breathing room! A larger size would also give her more room in the armhole, which right now looks a bit tight. Sleeves: On the one hand (sorry…), Kat works with her hands quite a bit, so a sleeve that comes to her knuckles might get in her way too much. However, Kat loves period details in clothing, so the longer sleeves might be fun for her! Either way, I think the sleeves need to come down at least to cover her wrists. Length: She needs about an inch to an inch and a half more, methinks. Hood: I just love these "hood-up" photos. There's something about the way a hood frames the face that just brings out the loveliness in all these models. Perhaps that's why we love hoodies in the first place–they are lovely, knitted frames for the best part of each of us. Well. Anyway. This hood is a bit short on Kat–she has a longish neck, but she also has long hair and likes to wear it up a lot, so she needs extra height in the hood. ("Gimme extra height in the hood, baby." Yeah, right. I am soooo street.) This would be accomplished by adding extra rows before beginning to shape the top. She could also throw in some extra increase rows to add more depth as for Debbie below. Voila!

Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Debbie   Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Debbie


Her bust: 34.5"
0.25" positive ease

Size: Absotively Too Cute. If Debbie wanted to wear this just as is, it is really adorable. If she wanted it looser, so she could wear something underneath, or just have a more comfy fit, then she could go up a size. Sleeves: Great length. Hood: The height is good, but the depth seems a bit shallow. The hood depth is created by working an increase row every few rows; to increase the depth, she could either work (a) more increase rows (and work them more frequently, so the shaping remains over the same vertical distance) or (b) work more increases on each increase row. (The first option would make the shaping a bit more gentle than the second.) Length: I think it's perfect!

Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Stefanie   Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Stefanie


Her bust: 34"
0.75" positive ease

Size: I love this! (Stefanie loved it too; I thought we were never going to get her out of it.) The closer fit and styling matches Stefanie's slightly edgier, more artistic, personal style. Sleeves: Great length. Waist: I think the waist shaping needs to be dropped a bit to match Stefanie's natural waist. Length: This cropped length suits Stefanie's love of the layered look, but for warmth, she might want the hoodie a bit longer. Hood: Adorable. The shape of the hood opening exactly matches the shape of Stef's face…sooo pretty.

Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Sandi   Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Sandi


Her bust: 40"
5.25" negative ease

Size: Although this is cute as is, I would make at least the 42.75" so I could have a bit of positive ease to play with. Waist: I think it is a bit high in this smaller size, so for the larger size, I'd do some measuring and compare with the schematic. Sleeves: I'd like mine a bit longer, down around my knuckles, so I would check the measurements of the larger size and adjust accordingly. Length: More, please. The larger size would probably help with this. Hood: Someone make a second call to Hollywood, 'cuz this time we have ourselves a gen-u-iiine Hobbit.

Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Erin   Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Erin


Her bust: 38"
3.25" negative ease

Size: Wow. Um. Does the phrase "close fitting" apply here? Yep. The next size up, 38.75" would be much more comfortable for Ms. Erin. (The 42.75" size would be almost five inches of positive ease, which is a bit much.) Sleeves: She needs about another two or three inches here. And just a wild thought: Since Erin's arms are so long, what if she made the textured cuff section a bit longer, long enough to add one more button? Remember that in clothing, it is often the proportions as well as the actual sizing which one must pay attention to. Longer arms might look more graceful with longer embellished cuffs. It would be something to try, right? Waist: Well. The larger size will definitely help here, but the waist probably will still need to come down a bit. Length: She needs to add about four, possibly five inches at the hem. Hood: Tall folk often have longer necks, and this is the case with Ms. Erin. Extra rows would need to be added before the top shaping to add height. Also: A deeper hood would help to balance the extra height, so Erin could add increases to add depth as explained for Debbie.

Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Bertha   Knitting Gallery - Riding to Avalon Bertha


Her bust: 34"
0.75" positive ease

Size: Awww. This is very, very cute on Ms. B. She doesn't wear layers much, so this is a good size for her. Sleeves: Next question, please. Waist: Looks a bit high here. I'd bring it down a couple of inches. Hood: I just couldn't resist that photo. (Poor Bertha. The things she has to put up with from me.)

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