Knitscene Fall 2008 Kaftan Dress

Gallery: Kaftan Dress by Salena Lee

Knitscene Fall 2008As you can see, the same sweater looks very different on different women! We give general suggestions for customization for your inspiration. Only you can choose how you want your sweaters to fit and which customizations will work best for you and your beautiful self!


Kaftan Dress

Sample garment shown measures 36.5".

Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Toni   Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Toni


Her bust: 33.5"
3" positive ease

Size: The side view says it all: Wow. Perfect size! (I think in the front view, Toni is moving around a bit, hence the folds.) Length: The length really adds height to Toni, who is actually less than 5'4". However, Toni, who is here standing over my shoulder as I typed this, mentioned that she might make the dress a bit longer so that it went just past her knees so she could wear it with BOOTS. Rock it, Toni! Sleeves: Good length! Garter waistband: Again, the side view shows this better–it's in a perfect placement on Toni. V-neck and shoulders: Nice! Lucky Toni that this sample dress fits her so well. (We'll be sure to check her backpack at the end of the day…)

Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Amy   Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Amy


Her bust: 39"
2.5" negative ease

Size: Wow! Amy can really rock this tunic in ways that none of us expected!  This amount of negative ease gives the tunic a sexy look that is quite different from the one bestowed upon it in its positive ease incarnations. If Amy wanted a looser, more "tunic-y" look, then she would want to make at least the 39.5" size. Length: I like this length on Amy, for the tunic look. Sleeves: Good length here as well. Garter waistband: Needs to be lower. She would start the waistband sooner, so that it brackets her natural waist, and then make the same adjustments Stef would make: leave the bust darts in place, but add more rows between the top of the garter band and the armholes in order to make the top bodice triangles longer so they cover the bust. V-neck and shoulders: Good! I've liked this shaping on everyone. It's low, but I am assuming most gals would either go daring with skin or go modest and wear something lacy underneath.



Her bust: 34"
2.5" positive ease

Size: A comfortable fit, although the jeans Stef is wearing underneath show through a bit too much. But we Knitting Daily folks know how to fix such things, don't we? Yup: Add more increases at the sides on the way up to the bottom of the garter waistband, to give Stef a bit more room in the hips. Not much, just an inch or so. Length: Good length on Stef. Sleeves: Good, although could be a scootch longer if Stef wanted them that way. Garter waistband: It hits Stef a bit too high–right across the middle of the Girls. Then when it angles down, it hits too high, at the underbust, not at her waist. Solution? Start the waistband lower, so that it hits her natural waist at the sides. The angle is fine, so no alterations need to be made to the band itself; however, the triangles over the Girls will have to start sooner. She would keep the bust darts where they are, and add extra rows to the section from underarm to V-neck to add the needed extra length there. (Got all that? Whew.) V-neck and shoulders: Looks good!

Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Kat   Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Kat


Her bust: 40"
3.5" negative ease

Styling: Kat got brave and decided to show this off as a dress rather than a tunic. Yes, her slip shows and she apologises for not wearing the correct color slip (but really–who has a forest green slip?). However, that does point out that if you intend to wear this as a dress, pay attention to your undergarments, as they will show through in some places. Size: Rockin' that negative ease, dear Kat! But, she could probably rock the next size up a bit more comfortably, and not worry about the dress clinging to every single thing underneath. Length: For a dress…well. This is pretty short. If you like short, go for it. I'd personally lengthen it in the stockinette section and maybe add or subtract some of the lace border depending on the effect Kat wanted. Sleeves: A bit short. More, please! Garter waistband: It needs to be lowered, both at the sides to match her natural waist, and in the middle, so that it falls more naturally under her bustline. See the notes for Amy and Stef above for how to do this. V-neck and shoulders: Whoo! Very sexy effect for a little knitted dress. To bring the neck up, Kat could work more rows right above the waistband (keeping the top darts in place) before splitting for the V-neck. Or she could just wear a long, sparkly necklace and just wow the crowds. Up to her.

Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Debbie   Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Debbie


Her bust: 34.5"
2" positive ease

Size: This is a comfortable fit on Debbie. It accents her curves without being overly clingy. (This is especially important if you are going to wear it as a tunic over jeans–if the tunic is too clingy, then too much of the waistband of the jeans shows underneath, and breaks up the smooth line of this pretty dress.) Length: I did a quick poll of the Gallery Gals, and we think this is too long on Debbie (if she wears it as a tunic)–it elongates her hips and thighs, and pulls the eye downwards, instead of up towards her pretty face. This dress is easily shortened in the stockinette section, fortunately; Debbie could even shorten the lace border if she wanted that to be a bit more in proportion as well. Sleeves: Good length. Garter waistband: This runs nicely just under her bust, creating a high empire waist effect, then angles downwards to meet her real waist at the sides. Perfect! V-neck and shoulders: A bit dramatic unless Debbie wants to wear a cami underneath all the time. The shoulders fit well.

Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Erin   Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Erin


Her bust: 38"
1.5" negative ease

Size: Maybe just a bit too clingy on Ms. Erin. The next size up would give her 1.5" of positive ease, which would probably be more comfortable for her, and also not show every line of every piece of clothing she is wearing underneath! Length: As a tunic, the length works well on tall Erin. However, the balance between the stockinette section and the lace border bothers me…I think the lace comes up too far, so I would add more to the stockinette section and perhaps shorten the lace section. Just a thought. Sleeves: Way too short. More, please. Garter waistband: Too high. Needs to be lowered as with Amy and Kat. V-neck and shoulders: I think it's fine, as long as Erin wears something underneath.

Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Erin   Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Erin


Her bust: 34"
2.5" positive ease

Size: Bertha, darling. This positively HANGS on you. All right, yes, I know, sometimes a nice loose knitted dress can be a girl's best friend, but really. Show a little shape, girl; this dress adds twenty pounds to you! Next size down for you, dear. Length: Well. Who can tell? It covers the bottom of her white dress form just fine. Sleeves: Bertha wonders why we must keep bringing up this rather rude subject. Garter waistband: It does hit her right at her natural waist, 'tis true. However, under her bust, it's not quite as form-fitting as perhaps the designer intended. However, there are some folks who might prefer this more modest look. Also, someone with Bertha's other proportions but a larger chest might need the extra fabric above the bustline. V-neck and shoulders: Woo. That neckline is quite dramatic. Bertha, I had no idea you were that kind of flashy dresser. Raising the garter band just under the bust would also raise the V-Neck. That would mean working more short-rows under that empire band and its point, as this is how that section is raised up. That would mean some measuring and math. If you have a long distance between your natural waist and where the garter waist band needs to hit you under the bust, then short rows are going to be your friend. Add more of them to that triangle under the band and there you go.

Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Sandi   Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Sandi
Knitting Gallery - Kaftan Dress Sandi


Her bust: 40"
3.5" negative ease

Size: Hoooboy. This size is a cling monster! I'd feel more comfortable with the 39.5" and a bit more ease. This size shows you even the secret lumps and bumps. Eep. I also think that I need more room in the tummy and hip area overall, so I would add some increases at the sides there, even in the larger size. Length: I think it's a good length for a tunic. I like Toni's idea of adding enough length to it so I could wear it as a dress, with boots. Whoo! Sleeves: Maybe a bit short? I'd like them a bit longer, so they hit me at my wrist bone. Garter waistband: Must. Go. Down. V-neck and shoulders: The V-neck will be lower if the waistband is lower, so that's good (I like the idea of wearing a lacy cami thingie underneath). The shoulders are fine.  

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