Knitscene Fall 2008 Dirndl Raglan

Gallery: Dirndl Raglan by Amanda Furlan

Knitscene Fall 2008As you can see, the same sweater looks very different on different women! We give general suggestions for customization for your inspiration. Only you can choose how you want your sweaters to fit and which customizations will work best for you and your beautiful self!

Dirndl Raglan

Sample garment measures 38.25".

Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Toni   Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Stefanie


Her bust: 33.5"
4.75" positive ease

Size: This size makes a nice, cozy, comfy weekend sweater on Toni…but it's really too big on her (see the underarms? see how the shoulders hang off of her? Yep). The next size down, 35", is really going to fit her better. Length: The next size down is going to be 1.75" shorter, which will help–this size is too long on Toni, at least in my opinion. I think she could easily bring the hem up by two or three inches. If the cabled hem sat right at her hips it would help to balance the top of the sweater better. Sleeves: Here, they are too long–they pull the eye downwards and emphasize Toni's hips, instead of highlighting the curve at her waist and helping to keep the eye moving up towards her face. You want the beginning of the cuff to sit just about an inch or so below the elbow. It's about a half-inch to an inch too long on Toni. Also, note that the sleeves overall are a bit too full–this can be remedied by having Toni make the next size smaller. Neckline: It seems a bit high to me, but that could be just me.



Her bust: 34"
4.25" positive ease

Size: Again, as on Toni, this size makes for a comfy, roomy fit; but she might want to try the next size down for a closer fit. Sleeves: Almost the right length, enough so that I'm thinking the next size down would put them at exactly the right height. Length: Shorter, methinks. Two inches? Neckline: The width is right, but the depth could go a little deeper on Stef. That means she would work a few more rows at the top before joining at the neck to work in the round.

Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Amy   Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Amy


Her bust: 39"
0.75" negative ease

Size: This is adorable on Amy. The trim compliments her playful nature, and the smooth lines accent her curves in lovely ways. It's a great size on her–just enough negative ease to skim her curves, but not so much that she is uncomfortable. Sleeves: Fine–there is a bit of extra fullness in the upper arm, but that is the intended style of this sweater. Length: I think this is fine, or it could be a bit shorter, just an inch or so. Neckline: Perfect!

Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Kat   Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Kat


Her bust: 40"
1.75" negative ease

Size: I love this on Kat. It looks like something she'd actually have in her closet and wear all winter long. Length: Perfect. Sleeves: Perfect. Neckline: Perfect-o!

Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Debbie   Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Debbie


Her bust: 34.5"
3.75" positive ease

Size: Too big, methinks. The 35" would still give her a bit of positive ease and give her better fit in the underarms and sleeves. Sleeves: Too long and too big overall. Going down a size will definitely help with this, but Debbie will want to make sure the top of the cuff comes just under her elbow so that it is closer to her waist curve. Neckline: The neck opening seems just a bit wide on her, so I'd add extra stitches at each side of the neck to pull things in a bit. Length: I'd like to see this a bit shorter on her.

Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Sandi   Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Sandi


My bust: 40"
1.75" negative ease

Size: Good for a close fit. If I wanted things a bit looser, there is a 40". But I like the fit of this one. Sleeves: Good! They hit just below my elbow and just at my natural waist. Neckline: I personally would like the neckline a bit lower–not much, just a bit. The width is good. Length: Shorter, please.

Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Erin   Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Erin


Her bust: 38"
0.25" positive ease

Size: Pretty darn perfect. If Erin preferred a more clingy look, she could go down to the 35", but that would be a lot of cling! Sleeves: Tall Erin needs about another inch or so to drop the cuffs to below her elbows. Neckline: Good width and depth. Length: Well…dare I say it? I think the length is GREAT here. She could even (gasp!) shorten this a bit.

Knitting Gallery - Dirndl Raglan Bertha    


Her bust: 34"
4.25" positive ease

Size: Wow. Too big. Very comfy, for those long chilly weekends in the office when everyone else is at home, but still: Too big. Next size down would be much more flattering. Sleeves: (ever so politely:) No comment. Neckline: It looks too wide on Ms. B, as well as a tiny bit deep. Length: Too long, which the next size down should take care of to some extent.


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