Knitscene Fall 2008 Brocade Leaves

Gallery: Brocade Leaves by Kathy Zimmerman

Knitscene Fall 2008As you can see, the same sweater looks very different on different women! We give general suggestions for customization for your inspiration. Only you can choose how you want your sweaters to fit and which customizations will work best for you and your beautiful self!

Overall Comments on the Brocade Leaves:
One look at the photos below, and you'll think that this sweater has amazingly graceful waist shaping. One look at the pattern itself, and you realize that the opposite is true: This sweater is basically two rectangles with a V-neck and sleeves. So why does it look so curvy and gorgeous on all of our models? Because Kathy Zimmerman is a genius. She's picked an elegant, all-over stitch pattern that is elastic like ribbing, yet not quite so clingy. The result is a comfortable, form-fitting sweater that shows off your curves without showing off what you have in your back pocket.

This sweater was a surprise hit amongst our Gallery Gals! The yarn is soft and not a bit scratchy; the sweater is as comfortable as it is flattering. Make it in a light color to really let the stitch pattern pop; or in a dark color for a more subtle effect.

Brocade Leaves

Sample shown is 33.5".

Knitting Gallery - Brocade Leaves Toni   Knitting Gallery - Brocade Leaves Kat


Her bust: 33.5"
Zero ease

Size: Great! Sleeves: Could these be longer? Maybe just a bit. V-neck: Toni does not like to show a lot of skin, so she thinks the neckline here on her is a bit low to wear without something under it. If she wanted to wear it alone, she would have to knit a less dramatic V. Color: I love the deep brown, but Toni has such a delicate complexion that I'd like to see her in something much lighter, or much more colorful. The brown overpowers her! Otherwise: Toni looks like she's ready to curl up with a book and some hot chocolate on a rainy day.



Her bust: 40"
6.5" negative ease

Size: Kat prefers a close fit, so this might be perfect for her. However, if she wanted a looser fit, she could easily go up to the 38", with 2" of negative ease. (If Kat wanted a really loose fit, she could go for the 42", but I think that that would be a LOT of loose fabric adding extra weight and width around her nice figure!) Sleeves: Too short. More, please. V-neck: I like the depth here; if Kat goes up a size, she'd have to check the measurements. Color: Kat loves green. What about a rich avocado green? Yum. Otherwise: This is very flattering on Kat. She should have several, in lots of shades of green!

Knitting Gallery - Brocade Leaves Amy   Knitting Gallery - Brocade Leaves Amy


Her bust: 39"
5.5" negative ease

Size: Well, goodness. This size 33.5" still looks good, even with a lot of negative ease. That goes to show how stretchy and forgiving this stitch pattern is. (Brilliant, Kathy.) But for a bit more comfort, Amy might want a larger size, say, the 38". Sleeves: They look like they are about perfect here, so in a larger size, Amy would want to do some measuring to see if they would still be OK. V-neck: Perfect. Color: This is a good color for Amy's complexion–she has a lot of color in her face, so she can pull this off. But blue is one of Amy's favorite colors… Otherwise: This sweater shows off Amy's curves in an attractive way, which is unusual for "box" sweaters. It does not add a lot of bulk, and it does not cling too tightly.

Knitting Gallery - Brocade Leaves Debbie   Knitting Gallery - Brocade Leaves Debbie


Her bust: 34.5"
1" negative ease

Size: Perfect. Sleeves: Perfect. V-neck: Perfect. Color: Perfect. (Sigh. Sometimes it is very demoralizing to write these little commentaries for Certain People Who Always Look Perfect In Everything.)

Knitting Gallery - Brocade Leaves Stefanie   Knitting Gallery - Brocade Leaves Erin


Her bust: 34"
0.5" negative ease

Size: Perfect (here we go again…). Sleeves: Perfect. V-neck: Perfect. Color: (I refuse to write another "perfect"!) Stefanie would look stunning in a cream or off-white version to match her fabulous earrings.



Her bust: 38"
4.5" negative ease

Size: Even though this looks really swell on Erin, she might be more comfortable in the size 38". Sleeves: Longer, please. The hem too. V-neck: Erin doesn't like to show too much skin either, so she might bring up the V just a bit by starting it later and doing fewer decrease rows on the way up to the shoulder. Color: Brown is pretty on her, but what if it were steel blue to match her eyes? Yeah, baby.

Knitting Gallery - Brocade Leaves Sandi   Knitting Gallery - Brocade Leaves Bertha


Her bust: 40"
6.5" negative ease

Size: I liked this, but I also felt that the small size added visual pounds to me–the small size clung more tightly to my tummy, which is not really my best bit. I'd like a larger size, please–probably the 38". Sleeves: Could be a tiny bit longer. V-neck: Whoo. A bit deep on me. It's not too bad, but I feel self-conscious, and it's really important to note how you FEEL in a garment, not just how it looks on you. Up with the V-neck. Color: The brown does look good, but brown is not a color I wear a lot of. Could mine be black? Or (wait for it…) a nice plum purple?



Her bust: 34"
0.5" negative ease

Size: I like it, even though it hangs a bit loose on Bertha. She could go a size smaller if she wanted to. Sleeves: Hush now. Let's not be rude. V-neck: A bit racy on Ms. B, but not too bad. Color: Bertha's coloring allows her to wear a variety of colors, but this one is pretty strong for her clear, almost glowing complexion. How about a deep dusty rose?

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