Knitscene Corrections 2014

Fall 2014

Dauphine Cardigan, page 44
The Dauphine chart should have been drawn over 14 rows, not 16 rows. Corrected Chart_Dauphine Cardigan. For the Back, Left Front, and Right Front, the instructions for working the chart should read, “Cont in patt until Rows 1–12 of chart have been worked 3 times, then rep Rows 13 and 14 of chart as needed to end.”

Summer 2014

Manchester Pullover by Julia Farwell-Clay, page 76
When shaping the raglan armholes for Sizes 371/2 (411/2, 451/2, 491/2)”, purl all WS rows and work RS rows without decreases as foll : Work to 1 st before m, p1, sl m, p1, knit to 1 st before m, p1, sl m, p1, work to end.

Linum Tee, page 88
Under Finishing, the underarm seams need to be sewn before the armhole edging is worked.

“Armhole edging: Sew underarm seams. With RS facing and dpn, ….”

Spring 2014

Lazulum Shell, pages 77-79
The dimensions for the bias side panels shown in the magazine were mistakenly calculated using the stockinette row gauge instead of the bias gauge and as a result the pieces will be wider than planned. The new instructions should produce the measurements shown on the schematic. Corrected instruction sections here.

Sign of Four Scarf, page 57
Row 4 of Second Open Diamonds should include instructions for breaking the yarn:

…knit until there are 5 sts on right needle after last BO gap, BO rem sts, break yarn and fasten off—15 sts rem.

Winter 2014

Kolmarden Jacket, page 64
In the second column, Line 8 should read: Next row (WS) Purl to 3 sts before m, k1tbl, p2…

Line 20 should read: p1tbl, k1, M1, knit to last st, M1, k1…

Line 23 should read: k1tbl, p2, sl m, k1tbl, p2…