The Best of knitscene 2016

best of knitscene

Ski Lodge Cardigan by Jesie Ostermiller

best of knitscene

Snowball Cap by Jesie Ostermiller

There are always different reasons to truly enjoy issues of knitscene: the stunning projects, the technical articles, the fun interviews, and the photography. That’s why it’s so hard to decide which was my favorite from this year! But, since I have to decide, I choose knitscene Winter 2016. The issue is full of projects that are quintessential knits, the kind of stuff that keeps knitters coming back for more.

Jesie Ostermiller’s design collection of après-skiwear makes me want to hit the slopes,even though I’ve never been skiing in my life and just the thought of if terrifies me. Okay, it really makes me want to sit by the fire in the lodge while knitting and sipping on something hot, waiting for all the suckers outside in the cold to come back. Regardless of where the knitting is done, Jesie’s modern colorwork projects that feature snowflake motifs just scream “Winter knitting!”


Gala Tunic by Catrina Frost

The Have a Ball story is full of chunky lace, which is a nice blend of feminine and cozy for winter warmth and elegance. These projects will take no time to knit up and they’re all on the fancier side while still being totally wearable. That’s great news for all the holiday parties this season!

Celebration Shawl

Celebration Shawl by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

The Snow Day story makes me want to take some time off and curl up at home while the snow builds up outside. There are cozy sweaters, cowls, and hats to pair with some snug at-home pants, a fireplace, and some hot chocolate (are you noticing a pattern here?). I love the way the photography came together for the Snow Day gallery, with an apparent narrative.

A woman wakes up to a snowstorm and finds her work for the day has been cancelled. She has some coffee and starts making cookies while she waits for her friend to come over and spend the day (or maybe for her roommate to wake up to join in). The women make cookies together and then spend the afternoon eating those cookies and playing games. At the end of the day, the woman is restless from being inside all day and decides to head out on the town. During the whole day she and her friend go through seven different outfit changes centered around some seriously cozy knits. Whether or not this narrative is actually realistic, I do find it to be relatable, and I appreciate that.

Latte Pullover by Sarah Solomon, and Macaroon Hat by Amy Palmer

Latte Pullover by Sarah Solomon, and Macaroon Hat by Amy Palmer

What was your favorite issue of knitscene in 2016, and what are your favorite projects of the year? knitscene Spring 2017 is going to be here in no time, so get your favorites from Winter 2016 going and wrapped up quick!

Happy winter knitting, and Happy New Year.






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