Knits Summer 2009 Gallery: Stanwyck Pullover


Stanwyck Pullover

by Naomi Griffin

from Interweave Knits Summer 2009

  45" sample garment

The images above are from the magazine where the 45" size sweater is shown laced and modeled with plenty of positive ease at the bust.

The images below are of our Interweave Gallery Gals wearing the same sample sweater.

Special note on sizing from Lisa Shroyer, senior editor of Interweave Knits:

Because of the expansiveness of the gauge in the layette stitch pattern, this garment can fit a range of bust sizes; as you can see, the sample 45" garment looks good on our model and the Gallery Girls, all of whom fall below 40" at the actual bust.

However, the garment can accommodate up to a 44" bust, with much less positive ease than shown here. Whether or not you want the garment to "accommodate" your bust in this way (with little ease) is up to you. For myself, I would strongly consider the circ of the ribbed lower body. Choosing a size that works for you in that area is almost as important as choosing one that works at the underarm/bustline. The bodice will naturally contract because of the strong contraction of the ribbed lower body, but the bodice can be spread to the full measurements as given.

 Interweave Gallery Gals
Karen Toni

Karen says:
This one makes me think of mint juleps. I have thoughts of wearing it with a pair of jeans to a Kentucky Derby party.
Bust 32"
Waist 24"
Hip 38"
Height 5' 3"

Toni says:
I love this top because it is so versatile. I could wear it with jeans or a skirt. Actually I would likely wear it with a jean skirt, just as I did in these photographs. Tops that incorporate ribbing through the midsections always catch my attention.
Bust 34.5”
Waist 28”
Hip 36.5”
Height 5’ 5.5”


Bust 34"
Height 4'11"
Sandi's Notes:
I love vintage styles, and this one makes me think of pearls and big swirly skirts. Because of its timeless vintage appeal, it's a sweater that can be worn by any woman of any age. The shaping is graceful and provides plenty of fullness in all the right places, making this a garment suitable for a variety of body types and sizes. Glam it up–how about a rose pink version? Or black, if you want the jeans-and-heels look. The Stanwyck, like its actress namesake, can play in any scene you can imagine her in.

Specific tips for our Gallery Gals:
– Karen and Trish both definitely need a smaller size–see how the shoulders are falling off their natural shoulders, and how the top bunches up at their underarms? The next size down is four inches smaller: This would pull the end of the ribbing up so it is closer to their underbusts, as the designer intended; it would also help the sleeves be more in proportion to their delicate frames–and it would definitely fit them better overall. The green is a pretty color on both women, though!
– Toni could shorten the ribbed hem by about two inches so it would fall at the top of her hips, helping to balance her proportions and bring the eyes up to her face.

Here are some questions to consider as you look at these photos:

  • How do you think the garment compliments each woman's individual body type and personal style?
  • Which body type does this garment look best on?
  • If you wanted to knit a sweater straight out of the magazine, with no pattern adjustments except for sleeve and hem length, would this be the sweater for you and your body type?
  • Would it fit your personal style?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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