Knits Summer 2009 Gallery: Filet Patch Blouse

Filet Patch Blouse

by Teva Durham

from Interweave Knits Summer 2009

  37.5" sample garment

The images above are from the magazine where the 37.5" size sweater is modeled with plenty of positive ease.

The images below are of our Interweave Gallery Gals wearing the same sample sweater.


 Interweave Gallery Gals
Trish says: I think this one is cute, but it's a little young for me. 🙂 I'd wear it with jeans for a casual gathering at my house with a tank under it in the summer or a turtleneck under it in the winter.
Bust 34"
Height 4' 11"
Toni says: I love the vintage comfort of this top. I would probably wear it with a couple of colorful tanks underneath and favorite, comfy jeans.
Bust 34.5”
Waist 28”
Hip 36.5”
Height 5’ 5.5”

Sharon says:
  I love that the colorblocks draw attention up to the face. Because there's already a lot of design and color at play here, I'd match it with a white tank and medium-wash jeans.
Bust 34.5"
Waist 27"
Hip 37.5"
Height 5' 8"

Sandi's Notes:
Those colorful squares aren't crocheted–they're knitted! Teva, whose cleverness takes knitting to all kinds of interesting places, has taken an old technique and made it new again: Filet knitting. Worked from a chart, where each square equals three stitches, filet knitting enables you to create intricate lace panels that can form geometric shapes, or even imagery. Here, the squares echo quilted designs, and bring a folksy air to this cute top. With its down-home style and interesting technique, this top calls to me…because I'm really just a country girl at heart.

Specific tips for our Gallery Gals:
– OK, Trish, I know you think this one is "a little young for you," but I think it is ADORABLE on you! It brings out your playful side, and the colors are great for your complexion. The shoulder "straps" need to be a bit wider so they sit better on your narrow shoulders; but everything else is perfect, perfect. (Maybe I ought to make this one for you, hm? Evil me.)
– Toni, stop that. Stop being so cute in every single sweater. You're not giving me a chance to write anything creative here if you just keep on being cute in everything.
– Although, you know…Sharon looks amazing here too. The size is perfect–see how the shoulders sit so well on her? Good stuff.

Here are some questions to consider as you look at these photos:

  • How do you think the garment compliments each woman's individual body type and personal style?
  • Which body type does this garment look best on?
  • If you wanted to knit a sweater straight out of the magazine, with no pattern adjustments except for sleeve and hem length, would this be the sweater for you and your body type?
  • Would it fit your personal style?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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