Knits Summer 2009 Gallery: Akomeogi Tunic

Akomeogi Tunic

by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

from Interweave Knits Summer 2009

  36" sample garment

The images above are from the magazine where the 36" size sweater is modeled with about 2" of positive ease.

The images below are of our Interweave Gallery Gals wearing the same sample sweater.


 Interweave Gallery Gals

Allison says:
This was the piece that I was really looking forward to seeing in person and trying on. I love the details–the beautiful origami-inspired neckline and the sleeve detail. However, it's a little more detail than I would typically wear at my bust. I would pair this with some ankle-length pants/capris and wedge shoes for a sophisticated look for a summer evening. 
Bust 36”
Waist 27”
Hip 36”
Height 5’ 4”
Sharon Toni

Sharon says:
EVERYONE looked great in this, both style and color. The origami folds are right on trend and I adore the asymmetry. I think this would be cute over a full, knee-length skirt with a feminine floral print.
Bust 34.5"
Waist 27"
Hip 37.5"
Height 5' 8"

Toni says:
I absolutely adore the elegantly draped folds of this cardigan. I could immediately imagine myself wearing this classic with a pair of slacks or a simple skirt.
Bust 34.5”
Waist 28”
Hip 36.5”
Height 5’ 5.5”
Trish Karen
Trish says: An interesting and intriguing design. It was fascinating how the button/buttonhole arrangement created the cascade of pleats. To me, this is one of the dressiest of the bunch. I'd wear it with a long skirt to the theater.
Bust 34"
Height 4' 11"

Karen says:
This reminded me of my beautiful friend Chieko from Okinawa who never goes anywhere without one of her folding fans. I think there’s a lot of versatility: with a pair of jeans or with a solid a-line skirt.

Bust 32"
Waist 24"
Hip 38"
Height 5' 3"

Sandi's Notes:

This is a stunner. On everyone! The side vents give you room at the hips; the graceful folks flatter a variety of bust sizes and shapes. I think this is one of those timeless designs that will look good on a lot of different body types–and STILL look good years from now when those body types age (gracefully, of course…).

Specific tips for our Gallery Gals:
– I think a size larger would make Allison feel less self-conscious about the folds accenting her bustline. It's lovely on her, but it does pull a bit; she needs more positive ease overall.
– Trish's bust measurement is right for the actual measurement of the sweater, but she has such a tiny frame that the sweater looks too big overall. I'd like to see her in a smaller size–it would fit better at the shoulders, which is a critical area for overall fit. The folds would give her enough room in the bust area, given her proportions and build.
– Karen also needs a smaller size–see how the shoulders don't sit at the right spot? At first glance, you might think this size fits fine on her, because the length is good and the sleeve length is good–but remember that Karen has long arms and a long torso for her size. The shoulders tell the real story: She needs a size smaller for this sweater to fit her perfectly.

Here are some questions to consider as you look at these photos:

  • How do you think the garment compliments each woman's individual body type and personal style?
  • Which body type does this garment look best on?
  • If you wanted to knit a sweater straight out of the magazine, with no pattern adjustments except for sleeve and hem length, would this be the sweater for you and your body type?
  • Would it fit your personal style?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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