KNITS GIFTS: Fun for a Boy and a Girl

Before I took over as editor, one of my last projects for Interweave Knits Gifts were two men’s accessories for Gifts 2015. They remain my personal favorite projects for Interweave to date. Combining nostalgia with function “Trapper’s Hat” and the “Ragg Convertible Mitts” were inspired on a cold winter’s night when I pulled on my favorite pair of sock monkey, wool ragg socks and made myself a cup of tea. As I settled into my favorite chair by the fireside I heard my phone buzz with a new email. It was Lisa Shroyer asking me if I had any design ideas for a few men’s accessories. I looked down at my red-toed feet and replied, “Yes!”


When I was thinking about a knit trapper hat I saw most knit trapper’s hat are a single layer, unlined and don’t have the bulk, warmth and look of a standard leather and fur trapper. The only way I could see mimicking the real deal was to make two layers and bind them together with an i-cord trim. I was thrilled to combine the rustic yarns of Brooklyn Tweed, Loft and Shelter, for this design; Shelter makes the inner layer while two colors of Loft held doubled make the outer layer. Trapper’s Hat came out better than I hoped–rustic, warm and functional. I knew I had a winner when my Dad asked to wear it when shoveling the driveway. It was about 10 degrees out and the man who never wears wool wanted to wear my hat.


Ragg Convertible Mitts were a natural pair to the Trapper Hat, carrying over the theme of rustic and functional. As a lifetime resident of bitterly cold winter climates I’ve suffered the harsh fate of removing gloves or mittens to answer a phone, button a coat, dig for a MetroCard, or collecting firewood in negative digit weather. I wanted to make a pair of fingerless mitts with an extra warm flip-top to combat this issue. The short-fingers and the double layered mitten top makes popping fingers out for small tasks bearable.

Although the hat and mitts were worn very well by Matt in Knits Gifts, I made these garments more for myself than anything. I can’t wait to wear them this winter while traipsing around Colorado in the dead of winter.

gifts 2

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