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I love color knitting and Scandinavian design. Imagine my delight when First Frost by Lucinda Guy was delivered to my door! Lucinda delivers, as always. There so many are beautiful, colorful patterns in this book, along with interesting techniques in the Scandinavian tradition. Here's Lucinda to tell you all about it!

First Frost: Cozy Folk Knitting is a celebration of that certain time of the year when nights become longer, darker, and colder and dawn brings a bring, clear, and frosty morning. The seasons shift, summer has long gone, and there is a definite chill in the air, it is a time when you feel the need to light a fire in the fireplace and cheerful candles on your table, and reach for cozy woolen knits to wrap up in.

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This collection also celebrates all that is wonderful about the construction of decorative fold knitting, in particular the construction of folk mittens, folk gloves, and folk socks.

As essential everyday items for anyone living and working in the harsh, cold climates of the North, these folk knits could range from the simple and utilitarian to exuberantly textural, braided, tasseled, colored, and patterned knits traditionally reserved for special occasions and celebrations.

These intriguing and beautifully decorative knitting techniques have served as inspiration for the twenty cozy and comforting designs in this book.

In traditional decorative Northern European folk knitting, a single pair of socks or mittens could easily have as many as ten, possibly more, individual folk motifs contained within its designs, and these garments were often further decorated with colorful fringing, tassels, and tufts.

What better way is there to celebrate these old and often ancient folk techniques than by continuing to incorporate them into our everyday knits?

As you work your way through the patterns in this book you will become familiar with these fantastic techniques; and from that point on, whenever you decide to knit a pair of socks, you will know how to enhance them with various embellishments: bands of patterns, a knotted decorative cast-on, a tassel, or specific shaping at the tow. Every pair of mittens or gloves you knit could have a colorful, braided cast-on, colorful textural details, and patterns.

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I hope you enjoy making and wearing these beautiful knits!

—Lucinda Guy, from First Frost

There's something in this book for everyone, from men, women, and children, as well as beautiful home decor items. And if you're looking for gifts to knit, look no further!

Get First Frost today—it's available as book or a digital download—and cast on something fun and frosty!


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