Knits Fall 2009 Gallery: Rosamund’s Cardigan






FALL 2009




Rosamund's Cardigan

by Andrea Pomerantz

from Interweave Knits Fall 2009

Sweater shown is 34 1/2 inches modeled with minimal ease

Andrea Pomerantz uses a clever reversible cable where it matters most in the pared-down, one-piece Rosamund's Cardigan: at the front edgings and along the collar, which look good whether the cardigan is open or closed and whether the collar is worn up or folded down into lapels.

 Interweave Gallery Gals


Toni says: While I adore the offset cabling in this cardigan, I would probably wear it only with a full skirt. I have a fairly straight figure without a large difference between my bust and waist, and I don't have a large waist to hip ratio. The bulky yarn decreases the hip to waist ratio even farther. I do really love the cabling however, so I might try lengthening the cardigan to mid-hip creating more of a jacket appearance and playing up the slightly bulky charm.

Height: 5' 5 ½"
Bust 35"
Underbust: 31"
Waist: 29"
Hip: 37"
Torso: 15" 



Ruth says: It was really fun modeling these sweaters–I've never modeled anything before. For the cardigan, my preference is to wear it open; it looks best that way for me in terms of comfort and style. This color also looks great with black, a color I tend to wear the most and something I can easily wear for work.

Height: 5' 4"
Bust: 34 ½
Underbust: 29 ¾
Waist: 28 ½
Hip: 32 ¾
Torso: 16"



Keira says: This was my favorite of the three I modeled. I wouldn’t change a thing about the fit. It looked great with the skirt I was wearing, a more sophisticated look for when I want to dress up a bit. But I could definitely see wearing it with jeans and a tank top under it as I like the short sleeves. 

Height: 5’ 7”
Bust: 31 ¾
Underbust: 27 ½
Waist: 26 ½
Hip: 32 ½
Torso: 17 ½

Kathleen's Fit Notes

The cardigan looks great on everyone, especially since they've all made it their own-buttoned up, lapels open, with jeans or a skirt-whatever suits
the mood!

Keira has a longer torso than Toni or Ruth, and I think that suits the sample-sized sweater best. If Toni made this sweater, I think she would want to lengthen the torso, adjusting the waist shaping as necessary.

It's interesting that Ruth's hip measurement is identical to Kiera's but Keira likes the cardigan closed and Ruth likes it open. I think it looks good buttoned on Keira as she has a slightly longer neck than Ruth.

I agree with Ruth that the black color of her shirt and shirt helps offset the cardigan's neutral color for her skin type.

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