Knits Fall 2009 Gallery: Freyja Sweater


FALL 2009



Freyja Sweater

by Courtney Kelley

from Interweave Knits Fall 2009

Sweater Shown is 34 inches modeled
with zero ease

Courtney Kelley's Freyja Sweater sets Bohus-inspired colorwork elements into the yoke of a seamless sweater. Fitting a circular-yoke sweater can be tricky: for a handy guide for plus-size knitters and a detailed discussion of fit for all sizes, check out Lisa Shroyer's adventures in upsizing the pullover on the Inside Knits blog tomorrow.  

Changing the colors of the body or yoke accents can change the look of the entire sweater. In its bones, the Freyja Sweater is classic, easy to wear, and almost universally flattering.


Interweave Gallery Gals


Toni says: This stunning sweater is hands down my favorite from the fall 2009 issue. Although I’m generally a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, this would also be fabulous when paired with a skirt and boots. The texture of the yarn is heavenly, and I loved the colors. The length of this sweater ends perfectly at mid-hip, and the gentle shaping works well on my fairly straight figure while the simple colorwork draws attention to my face.

Height: 5’ 5 ½”
Bust 35”
Underbust: 31”
Waist: 29”
Hip: 37”
Torso: 15”

Brenda says:
This is a beautiful sweater and simply sumptuous with the alpaca yarn. Unlike some of my sweaters, the softness of the yarn allows this to be a worn-alone sweater. The fit on this sweater is perfect.

I'd probably choose a different color combination, though, because these colors are very light for my skin color; plus I tend to wear brighter colors. 

Height: 5' 5"
Bust: 33 ¾"
Underbust: 29 ½"
Waist: 27 ¼"
Hip: 37 ¼"
Torso: 16"

Kathleen’s Fit Notes

This one goes on the “make it!” list for me. I love the Bohus look and this sweater is a wonderful example. Both Toni and Brenda look great in this sweater, though I agree with Brenda that her coloring would really benefit from brighter colors. Toni’s peaches-and-cream really shines with
this colorway!

The Freyja fits Brenda perfectly, as her bust measurement is close to the model’s bust measurement. Toni’s just a bit over an inch larger than Brenda in the bust, but I think a size 36 would be better for her—roomier and a bit longer in sleeves, too.

Don't forget to check the Inside Knits blog tomorrow for some upsizing tips from Lisa Shroyer!

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