Knits and the City

There's no place like New York City. At least that's what I hear; I've never been! I've got a trip planned for this fall, though, so I'll finally get to see all of the amazing locations in the Big Apple. My friends who've traveled there have recommended all sorts of activities and must-see sites—some of the big touristy stuff and some off-the-beaten-track adventures.

The Museum Sweater
The Magnolia Cafe Cardigan

The latter is my favorite way to sight-see when I travel, but I certainly can't skip the biggies like the Statue of Liberty, the 9-11 memorial, or Ellis Island. I  look forward to taking some walking tours and seeing lesser-known parts of the city, though, including some corners of Brooklyn. And I have a long list of yarn shops and other crafty locations to visit. I can't wait!

Designer Melissa Wehrle is a New Yorker, and her new book, Metropolitan Knits, is an homage to the city. Here's what she has to say about the city and her book:

New York City is a realm of fascination and wonder for many artists, songwriters, poets, designers, filmmakers, and others throughout the world. For the last fifteen years I've lived in this wonderful city, and I've seen just about everything one could imagine—from the most fantastic art and music the world can offer to people grooming themselves on the subway.

Growing up in a small farming community in southern New Jersey, I didn't know at first what I was getting myself into. It took me a while to adjust, but now I couldn't imagine my life without New York; the city has helped shaped me into the person I am today. I have come to embrace, and feel I am ever embraced by, all of the sights and sounds of this city. New York is the muse that inspires and carries me through my days as both a designer and an artist.

New York is a great place to live, work, and play. Everything is right at your fingertips twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. (Not to mention we have more yarn stores than I can count on the fingers of both hands!) Cultures, ideas, and creativity blend seamlessly into source of never-ending inspiration.

For this book, I tried to capture the heart and soul of the city, designing knitwear that will take you through the many and varied experiences the city affords to residents and visitors alike. In these pages, you will find just the right sweater for the occasion: From walking the busy thoroughfares of Manhattan, to relaxing at your favorite coffee shop on the weekend, to enjoying the many peaceful green spaces and parks throughout the city.

While the city often seems to be always in a constant state of change and upheaval, I hope that these designs will be timeless, well-worn additions to your wardrobe that will last through the never-ending, sometimes fickle, changes in trends and fashion. These pieces will show off your knitting skills and maybe even teach you some new skills along the way.

The Brooklyn Bridge Cardigan

Great care was given to the selection of yarn for each design. A wide range of yarn weights, price ranges, and materials were used to suit everyone's taste. I used yarns that I personally love for one reason or another, carefully matching the yarn properties of drape, shine, and feel to each individual design. However, yarn weights are also provided should you wish to substitute with a yarn of your liking.

It is my sincere intention that within these pages you will find designs that not only inspire you but that will also become cherished additions to your sweater collection. Also, I hope to bring a little bit of New York style home to you, wherever you may live.

—Melissa Wehrle, from Metropolitan Knits

Now I'm even more excited for my trip. And since I'm going in the fall, maybe I'll knit a sweater from Metropolitan Knits to take with me! One of those cardigan knitting patterns seems just the ticket!

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P.S. Do you live in New York City, or have you traveled there? Tell me your must-sees in the comments!

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