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Interweave: Your Comfy, Crafty Chair is Waiting

Interweave: Your Comfy, Crafty Chair is Waiting

Over the years, Interweave has tried on a few outfits—or a few sweaters, I might say. As a publisher that serves seven different crafts, for a time we operated seven different websites (plus a store and video sites!), each dedicated to one of those crafts. But in the end, that took the focus away from our collective brand, the name we all know and love—Interweave.

I was part of the team that launched Knitting Daily in the 2000s, and I am ecstatic now to be part of the team launching the new Interweave website, which will be a home for all of us. With a new easy-to-use store, more frequent online content such as tutorials, videos, top ten lists, and articles from my team of craft experts, this site is like a big comfy chair that you slide into, sighing, as you reach for your WIP.

Here’s a letter from John Bolton, our general manager, to introduce what this means for Interweave and for our readers.



Lisa Shroyer
Content Strategist, Yarn + Fiber