knit.wear Spring/Summer 2017: Luxurious Minimalism

knit.wear has always explored the combination of luxury and minimalism in knitting and beyond. In this issue, we delve into the finer points of “luxurious minimalism,” examining the ways in which this aesthetic has a broad impact, making one a connoisseur of fiber sources, designs, techniques, and most importantly, quality.

And speaking of quality, let’s talk for a moment about cashmere. Since I began my knitting life, I’ve pondered the term “soft as cashmere.” I’ve heard it in yarn shops across the country and around the globe, in multiple variations and languages, but the intent is always the same: to put cashmere on a pedestal.

Cashmere has been used as a blanket term to refer to luxurious, soft, and high-quality fibers, but so many other beautifully decadent fibers are out there. Could there be another one that is as deserving of praise? Take a journey to Tibet with Sarah Solomon to meet Paola Vanzo, the founder of mYak, and see if fiber from baby yak raised on the Tibetan Plateau can contend for the luxury fiber throne.

Quality is, of course, about more than fiber; it’s about the construction of each garment and accessory we create. And quality always involves the details of finishing. Learn about one of the most essential but overlooked finishing techniques in knitting: the selvedge. In her in-depth tutorial, Larissa Gibson demonstrates the numerous ways to slipstitch your way to a beautiful raw edge.

In our Athleisure collection, you will find several garments that benefit from a little attention to the edges—as well as comfortable pieces to wear on weekends or in the evenings after a long day. And in our Leather & Lace collection, you’ll find elevated style equally appropriate for a boardroom or an art gallery opening.

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