Knit a Beret Fit for A Lady Detective: The Phryne Beret

How many knitters out there love Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries? I count myself among the many fans of Miss Phryne Fisher,  the intelligent, vivacious,  independent, sassy, and stylish lady detective of the hit Australian TV series (the whole series is available on Netflix). Phyrne is often seen sporting a structured black beret when super sleuthing, which usually happen against the direct orders of Inspector Jack Robinson. (I suspect he enjoys when she blatantly disregards him.) Check out the official beret here.

You'll love the Phryne Knitted Beret that's both fun to knit and was inspired by Miss Phryne Fisher in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries!

Phryne Beret by Sarah Solomon
knit.wear Spring/Summer 2016

I was predictably smitten when Sarah Solomon’s Phryne Beret, seen in knit.wear Spring/Summer 2016, crossed my desk many months ago. I had to have the Phryne Beret for myself, and I suspected that many Phryne fans (and maybe a few Phryne fans in the making) would like one as well. I quickly searched Ravelry’s groups and found Miss Fisher’s Knit & Crochet Mysteries. What a great place to host a Phryne Beret KAL, right?

Phryne Beret by Sarah Solomon knit.wear Spring/Summer 2016

Phryne Beret by Sarah Solomon
knit.wear Spring/Summer 2016

You are all invited to join me. I’ll be setting up a Phryne Beret KAL thread starting April 25, 2016. I need to order the yarn for myself before I can begin my new, long-awaited project, but I’ll be there to answer any questions you all might have about the pattern and potential yarn substitutions. I’ll be using the sample’s yarn, Malabrigo Finito in Black. I’m looking forward to sporting my beret with a black trench coat and a mischievous half-smile.

So grab a few Phryne fans, perhaps play a rousing game of Clue while knitting, and show off your new hat Phryne style.

Happy Knitting,


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