Knit Two Together (But Not the Way You Think)

Knitting in Good Company

I love wintertime but realize that many people find it dark and lonely. And too cold. Almost any winter activity becomes much more fun when it involved more than one participant. Cooking together, feasting on roast beast (or the vegetable equivalent in my case), building a snow fort, surviving the longest night of the year, celebrating a new year—all of these things work better in company.

For that reason, my design call for Love of Knitting Winter 2016 asked for lots of companion projects. Now you can knit two together without actually decreasing! Plus you can stay warm during all the fun.

Our companion projects include three fabulous adult/kid combos in soft but sturdy yarns.

Knit two together: Sets for adults and kids.

Knit two together: Jen Hagan’s Chain Links Set (left) includes an adult-sized hat, kid-sized hat, and cowl. Fatimah Hinds’s Daddy & Me Hats (center) are quick, stylish, and cozy. Lisa Jacobs’s Mommy & Me Hoods (right) offer luxurious warmth in two sizes.

Or make a set of matching sweaters for adults with Kristen TenDyke’s Vertical Lines options.

Matching sweaters for adults.

The unisex cardigan runs from 35″ to 65″ chest circumference, without any waist shaping. A matching pullover has waist shaping and a closer fit.

You can also knit two together for yourself—it’s not selfish if you’re learning a new technique, right? Other people will benefit from this knowledge later. Try out some stranded colorwork with Melissa Metzbower’s Nordic Winter Hat & Cowl Set. Or dive (back) into lace with Lynn Di Cristina’s Lytle Cowl & Hat.

Hat and cowl sets for adult women.

The Nordic Winter Set is worked on size 10 needles for quick gratification. When you need some intricate lace and cable work, try the Lytle Set.

Window Cat Cardigan

Seven kitties sit on a window sill in Jennifer Raymond’s charming kid’s cardi.

Finally, we’ve got some unusual companion designs in this issue. Knit some feline companions onto Jennifer Raymond’s Window Cat Cardigan, and the lucky wearer will always have fur-free kitties to cuddle. Or complete Megan Kreiner’s caboose for her colorful Circus Train, because train cars get lonely too.

I hope you’ll love these projects designed for timeless appeal, cozy comfort, or evening elegance. I wish you a wonderful winter season, filled with good company and plenty of food.

Circus Train

Of course we had to put a caboose at the end.

And if you haven’t gotten Love of Knitting Winter 2016 yet, what are you waiting for? Download the digital version or order the magazine, and cast on something fun!




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