Knit 2 Gorgeous Winter Hats in 1 Project

When we channel anger and frustration in positive and productive ways, we can create beautiful things. The idea for the Winter 2018 issue of knitscene was inspired by frustration I was experiencing at the time of its inception. I won’t go into it deeply here, but in a nutshell, I was angry about a general lack of looking beneath the surface, by those in power and by everyday people. Politically and socially, people everywhere were making snap judgments about right and wrong based on very little information. It felt to me as though the world had forgotten that most things are complicated and layered, and you can’t grasp the entire context of a situation from only a few facts.

I decided to take my frustration and try to translate it into a knitwear collection. I asked the question, How can we use the idea that everything is more complicated than it seems on the surface, and translate that into clever knitwear? to inspire my submission call for the issue. What we ended up with was an issue full of fun, surprising, clever, and quirky sweaters and accessories that are a delight to knit up and wear.

One such clever and surprising project was designed by Amy Gunderson, the creative director for Universal Yarn. Amy has a knack for designing projects that are wearable, have silhouettes that suit many figures, and are simple but have something special about them that draws us in. The Willow Winds Hat is no different. It’s two hats knit in one piece—from the top of one hat design to the top of the other. When it’s finished, you fold it into itself, so you can wear it with either side out—there is no inside-out. The colors and cable-stitch patterns are different, so you’re getting two different hats in one, and because it’s double-layered, you get 100% more warmth.

The pattern is written for three different sizes to fit most people. The kit for the hat comes with two skeins of luxurious Universal Yarn Bella Cash in the colors featured in the magazine (Ice and Deep Sea). This means you can make one hat in either of the larger sizes or two hats in the smaller size with just one kit.

I hope you enjoy knitting the Willow Winds Hat and gifting it or wearing it this winter. I know that knitting patterns are mostly supposed to be fun, but I hope that knitting this hat gives you a chance to reflect and think about life’s complexities, and remember that nothing is only as it appears on the surface.

Happy sneaky knitting,

P.S. Bonus alternate-styling option photo! Flip up the brim for a third look.

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