Knit Toys: You’re never too old to play!

Knit toys for kids: Hipponormous is so cute!

Hipponormous by Lisa Jacobs

When my nephew was born, almost exactly 11 years ago (!), I wanted to make him knit toys. I knit him a Teddy bear with a little seed-stitch scarf; the scarf is long gone, but that Teddy still sleeps with him every night. It’s smooshed and pilled and one of the eyes is missing, but to me, that just shows how much it’s been loved.

Knitting toys for children is such a special thing. It’s like giving an embodiment of your love to a precious little one; every time he or she plays with it, your love is given to them again. How wonderful.

The process of making knit toys is pretty neat, too. With each piece knit, each bit of stuffing used, the toy comes to life. You can’t help but smile during the knitting process, and I always give my knit toys a hug before sending them on to the recipient. I can’t resist!

We’ve got an absolutely darling new magazine out, Knit & Crochet Toys. Editor Deborah Gerish is thrilled about it, so I thought I’d let her introduce it to you. Go, Deb!

No one is too old to play!

Being an adult isn’t always easy: we have to  act our age and behave responsibly. Kids don’t have to be dignified, so they get to have all the fun. I collected these knitted and crocheted projects to provide maximum entertainment value for all ages (and a good excuse for adults who want to be kids for a little while). With Knit & Crochet Toys, knitters and crocheters can embrace their inner children while entertaining the youngsters in their lives. It’s the best of both worlds.

These darling knit toys make super-fun gifts for the little ones in your life.

Clockwise from upper left: Bunny Girl; Hipponormous; Zeppelin Mobile; Tedmund Troll; Silky, Simone, and Sidney; Cat’s Pajamas Jammy Keeper; Giant Tiger

Grown-ups will love these toys just as much as kids will. This bold claim is backed by a lot of high-level scientific research. Designers with small children told me that their kids hated to see the samples sent away for photography. Once their packages reached the Interweave headquarters, my coworkers jumped right in to make sure the toys didn’t get lonely. It was not unusual for people to visit my office for some quality time with the toys when they needed a boost. Finally, our wonderful models and their parents loved these toys, too. I had to search everybody carefully at the end of the day to make sure nothing got smuggled out.

We’ve got toys of all shapes and sizes here: tiny critters that fit in a pocket; portable board games that are practically indestructible; magical creatures from designers’ imaginations; great big stuffed toys designed for maximum hugability. Grab some yarn and get creative!

—Deborah Gerish, Editor, Knit & Crochet Toys 

Aren’t these knit toys just adorable? I think that troll might be my favorite. But I love the hippo, too. And the mobile is so cool . . . I guess I can’t decide what to knit first.

We specify appropriate ages for all of the toys in Knit & Crochet Toys, and there are safety guidelines included for knitting toys for ages 0-8. It’s important to us that your littles are safe when they’re enjoying their knit toys!

Deb also provides invaluable info on knitting and finishing toys; there are some tricks of the trade that make the process easier and more enjoyable.

So download or order Knit & Crochet Toys and go forth and make the world a happier place!



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