Knit Stitch Dictionary: Baby Blankets in a Snap

Every time someone in my life has a baby I want to knit the new kiddo something. I once committed to making a friend a baby blanket only to find out she was having twins…so I made two blankets, in the same amount of time. By the end I really had to take a break from that pattern, it was beautiful, and fun, but those qualities started to wane about a quarter of the way through the second blanket.

A great way to make a lovely blanket, but not burn out on a pattern, is to do it in squares. Even better is if you have a group of friends who can pitch in. (Choose a common yarn or at least yarn weight, choose a standard square size, and go!) There are several expecting moms in my life right now, and I’ve knit squares for blankets for two of them. It’s been a great way to try out different stitch patterns on a small scale, seeing what’s out there and what I like. We have a fantastic resource for awesome stitch ideas, the Knit Stitch Dictionary by Debbie Tomkies.

Knit Stitch Dictionary, Debbie Tomkies
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This book has 250 stitch patterns, perfect for using in your own patterns. It is divided into sections like knit and purl stitches, eyelets and lace, chevrons, colorwork, cables, and many more. One of my favorite features of this book is the photo glossary at the front, where there are little snippet images of each pattern. You don’t have to flip through the whole book to find what you’re looking for, it’s all in one easy to find place.

Whether you are new to knitting or have lots of experience under your belt, this book is a great place to find inspiration and get you thinking creatively. Maybe you have a favorite hat or scarf pattern that you’d like to spice up? Or maybe you’re collaborating on a baby blanket and you want to try something fun and new? Either way, this is a solid resource, with lots of ideas and explanations, all in one place. Check it out, and get yourself knitting!


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