Is it Sheep Bunny Season, or Is it Just Us?

What do you get when you cross a sheep with a bunny? Spring! Tis the season for those adorable farm animals to take center stage, along with the birds and the bees, baby chicks, and any other just-born livestock that we find irresistibly cute, piglets included. And yes, there is Easter, with all of its basket-filled trappings: the perfect manner in which to present the bunny or sheep themed item that you wish to cuddle – or covet. Let’s take a look at some crochet and knit Sheep Bunny Season projects that will motivate you to make!

Is Sheep Bunny Season a Real Thing?

The rabbit tends to get all the glory, what with Peter Cottontail running for reelection every spring as the most annoying produce pilferer on the planet. You’ve got your Easter Bunny hanging out, demanding attention on the regular with his mall and picnic appearances. Then there’s the humble sheep, whose only “real” role in pop culture is to lull us to sleep.

Let us pair the two and double down on some fluffy animal cuteness. Done in crochet, it is just the thing to celebrate Sheep Bunny Season. Sir Stephen, The Bunny will cute up that basket, and the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing reversible toy brings an unexpected surprise.

Make Sheep Bunny Season Come to Life with Alterknit Stitch Dictionary

Andrea Rangel’s volume on modern stitch motifs is blowing up, friends. Why? Simple: it’s fun. This extensive stranded colorwork stitch dictionary includes 200 original motifs for you to use in your own knitting and design. This includes – yes – a motif aptly titled “Counting Sheep” and another simply called “Bunnies.” I think you know what to do here, and you better do it fast – we keep selling out of the hard copy of this book!

Sheep as Sheer Entertainment

These knit Estonian Sheep Puppets will entertain with warmth and love. Think of the possibilities – dramatic reenactments of The Farmer in the Dell, or Little Bo Peep’s life story unfolding with a fleece flourish. Create your own little flock and bring spring into your life anytime you need it.

sheep bunny season

Learn more about sheep and bunny fleece in “Fiber Animals Ranked by Hotness“, and take this quiz to learn if either of these cuties is your spirit animal.

Cheers and enjoy Sheep Bunny Season,


Spring for Sheep Bunny Season!

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