You Can’t Resist this Perfect Shawl for Fall

My coworkers and I have collectively written a whole lot of words about how great knit shawls are and how much we love them. And I personally have written a whole lot of words about how much I adore stripes. Put those things together, as we did in the Resistance Shawl, I’m basically in knitted accessory heaven.

knit shawl for fall - the Resistance Shawl is a must-knit

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I already have quite a few knit shawls (this one is my current fave), but I’m definitely going to make room in my wardrobe and knitting queue for the amazing Resistance Shawl. Originally printed in knitscene Accessories 2013 and now available as an Interweave exclusive kit, this shawl quickly became a reader favorite and it’s easy to see why! The shape is the classic shawl triangle—so great for wrapping around your shoulders—but the stripes going every which way make this piece anything but ordinary.

Harper Point Photography

This shawl is worked from the top down in 5 sections, each consisting of 2 colors of alternating garter-stitch stripes. It begins with a mitered triangle, then additional levels are added by either working from live stitches or by picking up and knitting stitches. It might look tricky at first, but the illustration in the pattern really helps you visualize how it all comes together in a beautiful and harmonious contrast of stripes. Although there’s no shaping or short-rows, this project has a somewhat high difficulty rating—but the end result is so, so worth it!

Harper Point Photography

Speaking of worth it: the yarn. Oh my goodness, the yarn! Blue Sky Fibers Alpaca Sport is springy and oh-so-soft, making it a joy to knit with and wear. Its high sheen and great stitch definition make all those stripes really pop. And the colors are gorgeous! The 3 skeins of soft gray in the kit are the perfect contrast for the 3 skeins of deeply saturated purple. The 100% alpaca creates a fabric with nice drape, too, so this piece will lie beautifully across your shoulders (or wrap snugly around your neck on really cold days).

If you’re looking for a super fun knit that will leave you with a gorgeous autumn accessory, you’re going to want the Resistance Shawl kit! The rich colors and gloriously soft fiber are absolutely perfect for fall, and this shawl might just be the softest thing you ever knit (or wear). You know you can’t resist (get it?!)—order this shawl today so you can complete it in time for the first chilly day of autumn.

Happy shawl knitting!

P.S. The projects from knitscene Accessories 2013 are so popular that we’ve made kits out of two more of them! After you’ve made the Resistance Shawl, cast on for the Zed Scarf if you need more funky stripes in your life (you know you do) or the Icelandic Star Cowl for a modern take on a traditional motif.

So much more than knit shawls to explore in the store…

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