Knit Mittens, Hats, and the Yarn Hack You’ve Been Waiting For

The Maya Hat and Mittens Set designed by Theresa Schabes is by far one of my favorites that we sell. And it seems as though all of you agree because the first batch of this kit sold out in record time. Thankfully the pattern download is always available! For all who bought the hat and knit mittens kit or pattern download, for all who will buy it, and for all that have marked the pattern in knitscene Fall 2016 … this is the Yarn Hack you’ve been waiting for!

The Maya Knit Mittens and Hat are so gorgeous!

If you don’t follow us on Facebook, you should head over to your account and like Knitting Daily. It is the first place to catch all of our yarn hack videos! (And there are many more to come!) Our Instagram account is a great place to watch these too! The Yarn Hack is for all you crafters out there that need a tip, trick, or tool to get that project done. They are endlessly useful and quick to watch.

So how do you make these awesome colorwork hat and knit mittens with just one ball of yarn? This Yarn Hack video will show you how to get it started. You can use this method for any cool gradient yarn, not just the incredible Viking of Norway Nordlys (which was included in the kit).

The yarn comes in a 100 gram put up. Weigh yours to see if you have any more or less than the stated 100 grams. Start winding a second ball from the first ball, keeping an eye on the weight of the first ball. When your first ball is down to about 50 grams (or half of your original weight), cut the yarn so you have two balls. Designate one ball the main color and the other ball the complimentary color. To really show off the color changes, make sure you are starting each ball in very different colors of the gradient so you can see the color contrast.

Filming a Yarn Hack for the Maya Knit Mittens and Hat Set. So much fun!

Yarn Hack behind the scenes, photo by Jenn Rein

That’s it! Treat yourself to this knit mittens and hat set to practice this cool colorwork technique, and follow Knitting Daily on Facebook and Interweavecraft on Instagram to get all of the latest Yarn Hack videos. (Very excited about the ones we have coming up!)

Happy Knitting!


Get your color on with this beautiful set:

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