What does the man in your life REALLY want in a knit sweater?

When I managed a local yarn store, I heard too many stories of knitters making sweaters for the men in their lives, putting countless hours of work into these labors of love, only to be met with (at best) mild appreciation from their men. As a knitter, I understand how frustrating this can be. As a man, I understand how fickle a guy’s personal style can be.

What does the man in your life like to wear? What kind of sweater would he really like? I polled the men in my office about their personal styles and sweater preferences and created a questionnaire that will help you get to the bottom of what your man really wants in a sweater.

mens sweaters

Click on the image or HERE and download/print this survey for the sweater-hating man in your life.

Use this questionnaire to get the conversation started and discover your man’s personal style.

Now when you knit him that special sweater, he will enjoy wearing it, which makes all your time and effort worth it. Shown below are some of my favorite sweaters from our most recent issues of Love of Knitting and Interweave Knits to give some examples and pattern options to explore. These are great sweaters that can be worn as everyday wear or for a special night out.

How do the men in your life feel about handknitted sweaters? What do they look for in a sweater?

Yours in yarn,
Gus Baxter

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  1. Myriam G at 12:38 pm September 1, 2017

    “Use this questionnaire to get the conversation started”, that made me smile.

    Of course, there’s going to be a conversation after my sweetheart of a man reads this questionnaire. A conversation that involves explaining expressions such as ‘mock turtleneck’, ‘textured stitches’, and ‘shawl collar’. A conversation comprised of questions such as “This camelid fiber, is that really what I think it is?”A conversation that might even start with “What is that, a cardigan, exactly?”

    Please don’t get me wrong, I love your questionnaire. For us, It’s going to be an introduction into the broader topic “clothes aren’t as simple as they seem”. I sincerely hope that there are other male spouses out there who are more savvy about clothing than my dear partner.

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