Knit for Your Nest

To experiment with different materials, cast on a number of stitches then switch between yarns to see what happens. If you keep the needle size and number of stitches the same it will remain a similar width. Keep experimenting until you find a combination you love.

Many knitters make only garments. That's fine, of course, but what about dressing up your home, too?

Recently, I saw some knitted pillows at a friend's house. She used large-gauge wool mixed with a variety of novelty yarns (and don't we all have some of those deep in our stash?) and then felted the yardage to make pillow covers. The trick was that she used yarns that were all in the same Earth-tone shades. The result was a combination of textures and colors that added an artful touch to her cream-colored couch. I was entranced; I couldn't stop feeling the pillow I was sitting next to.

I was inspired by those pillows, obviously, so I took the book Knits at Home by Ruth Criss off my shelf and flipped through it. There are so many fab ideas in this book! If you like to knit for your "nest," I highly recommend it. Check out the swatch at right, which brings together a variety of different yarns, just like my friend's pillows!

Ruth has so many ideas for knitting home accents. Here are three of my favorite small projects—you could get these done in time for the holidays!

Stripy Lavender Bags
Vase Covers

Stripy Lavender Bags

These little cuties make wonderful gifts. Use your favorite stitch pattern or some of Ruth's interesting knit-purl combinations. I love to use simple cable patterns to knit sachets.

There are lots of "recipes" on the web for interesting sachet mixes. Good old lavender is classic, of course, but try something new, too. A set of three of these would make a perfect gift. Use a different stitch pattern for each of them, and a different mix to scent each of them, too.

This project is perfect for the new knitter. It's a fun, thoughtful, creative gift that will keep on giving!

Ribbed Fruit-Bowl Cover

Ribbed Fruit-Bowl Cover

This is an amazingly creative idea. I have a little collection of wooden bowls that hold things around my house, and they would be so much more interesting if they were covered in knitted rib.

You could go two ways with this. Use neutrals for a classic, contemporary look, or infuse your home with a pop of color and use a bright, eye-catching hue.

Oh, I just thought of a third option! Use a yarn with a metallic accent to make a bowl cover, and then fill it with contrasting-colored globe ornaments. Instant holiday cheer! I'm sure you'll think of even more variations on this theme.

Vase Covers

Do you have lots of clear glass vases in your pantry? I do. I usually fill them with pebbles, or something that will look nice, to hold the flower stems in place and to add interest. But why not use your knitting skills to make one-of-a-kind vases?

One of Ruth's favorite ways to show off a piece of knitting is to hold it in front of the light, which exposes the structure perfectly. Making vase covers does this brilliantly and pushes knitting away from its traditional cozy image to become something truly contemporary.

To make these covers, it's just a process of swatching until you find your perfect stitch pattern and yarn combination, and then following Ruth's simple math formula to make your cover fit snuggly on your vase. Make an odd number of these vase covers, slip them on your lonely glass vases, and set them in a window to make a wonderfully unique accent.

Knits at Home is an amazing, inspiring book. You'll find quick projects like the ones I've highlighted above, as well as more in-depth designs that take a bit more time and effort. No matter how much time you have, you'll find something to make your home even more special!

Order your copy of Knits At Home and start knitting for your nest!


P.S. Do you knit home decor? Tell us about it in the comments!

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