Designer Q&A with Teresa Gregorio: Digging Deeper

knit designerTeresa Gregorio has been designing for ten years; she loves bold design and wild colors. When she’s not knitting, she spends her time sewing, birding, drinking beer, and working at her day job in an art museum. We cannot get enough of Teresa, especially with her lovely contribution to knitscene Spring 2017!


When and why did you start knitting?

I started knitting around 2002, when I was in my early 20s. I had always enjoyed making things, and some yarn caught my eye during a trip to Walmart with my mother. I thought it was so beautiful, so I decided that I was going to start trying to knit. It was the color of the yarn that drew me in—I’m like a magpie.

What was your first knitted project?

I decided that I wanted to make a blanket from the yarn I picked up that day at Walmart. It was an inexpensive acrylic yarn, so it was a generous skein, but it wasn’t huge. And of course—as my mom had suggested—it wasn’t enough. It made a strip that was 4 feet long by 1 foot wide, so I made another strip and sewed them together.

knit designerIn order to learn something I have to actually do it. I can read through a pattern and look at the diagrams, but it’s a lot better for my brain if I’m actually knitting, even if that means I’m failing a lot and making a whole sweater that ends up being unwearable.

Are there any knitting trends that you’re excited about, or any that you would like to see?

For years I thought crop tops were cute, but I wouldn’t wear them because I was afraid of negativity about my body. But last year I decided to forget that and designed a very simple little crop top. I thought, “It’s cute—let’s do this thing. Let’s pretend like I don’t care about what other people think.” It may sound a bit silly and frivolous, but I feel a little empowered that I started in a place where I didn’t make them [crop tops] because I had body shame and got to a place where I’m making and wearing them. I think it would be lovely for more people to wear whatever they want, it even if they think people might think ill of them.

If you had to pick a spirit animal, what would it be and why?

I think I’d say elephants. The strong matriarchal social structure, and they take care of one another. It seems like they have such love for each other. I also think my spirit animal could be a raccoon—they do a lot of problem solving with their little hands, have fantastic eye makeup and outfits, and prefer the night to the day. I just can’t decide!

What are you currently working on?

I just started something I’m calling the #KnitPetiteProject. I want to create a space for conversation and education around fit issues petite women have in knitwear. There are a lot of wonderful resources for plus-sized women, but there are also women out there who are plus and petite. This project aims to give petite women a resource to help with the issues we may encounter and how we can address them, and places that we can go to learn more about it. The goal is to demystify the sizing system we live within today so we can better understand how to fit our knits to our bodies.

Learn more about Teresa through our recent Designer Spotlight. You can find Teresa’s patterns at her website, and learn more about the Knit Petite Project here.

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