Knit this Cute Toddler’s Cardigan for All the Kiddos in Your Life

If you don’t have a small child yourself, I bet you know someone who does. And if that’s the case, I bet that someone has asked you, knitter, to create something for their little person. If you’re like me, you might struggle to find the right project to create for a small human. There are so many options out there—it’s overwhelming! And with less and less people conforming to the narrative that girl equals pink and boy equals blue, there is more flexibility around the colors you choose. Don’t panic! Vickie Howell has a new, easy, and gender-neutral pattern for a child: the Fox Hills Toddler’s Cardigan.

What kid doesn’t just love animals? The fox motif on the fronts and back of the cardigan is super fun, and additionally isn’t done by intarsia—it’s duplicate stitch! Duplicate stitch embroidery is a great alternative to intarsia for the folks who don’t like to end up in a mess of yarn, or weave in tons of ends, and it’s very neat. (For a quick glance at how to achieve duplicate stitch embroidery, check out this Yarn Hack. So, with some striping, a little bit of stranded colorwork, and duplicate stitch, we get some lively colors and some dang cute foxes.

A plus for a good kid’s knit (at least in my mind) is that is has to be done quickly, since those little ones grow so fast! The chunky-weight yarn and size 9 needles make this a super-fast knit. Attach some cute buttons of your choosing to personalize the sweater, and it’s ready for the little tyke! And thanks to the quality of the Plymouth Galway yarn, this little knit will live well past toddlerhood, making it a great candidate for a hand-me-down or a keepsake to hold onto for years to come. Think of the handmade items by your grandmother or family friends that were symbols of your childhood and have stood the test of time. Aren’t you grateful your parents held onto those things, even though teenage you rolled your eyes and said, “Mom, why why on earth are you holding onto those ruffled bottoms?”

Knitting something for a child connects you to them in a unique way. They are going to make memories in their handknit cardigans made specially for them by someone who loves them. When they’re older and look back at childhood photos and videos, they’ll remember that sweater and that you made it for them, and it will remind them of their rich childhood and how loved they have been since the beginning. Even though they may grow out of it like a weed, this toddler’s fox cardigan will truly be a gift that lasts a lifetime.

We have all the yarn ready to go for you right here, so there’s no stress in choosing great colors. Get to knitting this for the kiddos in your life and create some happy memories!


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