C’mon get happy: A knit cowl for everyone!

A knit cowl is great for guys or gals!

I don’t know if this guy’s name is Jack, but he sure is happy to be modeling the Happy Jack Cowl!

Some projects just make me happy. I love to cast them on and look forward to wearing them. Lately, it’s been the knit cowl and triangular lace shawl for me. I finished a small lace shawl a couple weeks ago—just in time for summer! But I put it front and center in my closet so I can gaze on it lovingly, waiting for the first frost of fall.

And cowls? I think I’ve got three on the needles. Whether they’re true cowl-style projects, or infinity scarf types, I love them. And I can never seem to have enough! I knit at least two a year, and I’ve started a gifting program with the older, gently worn models.

Since I don’t have time very much time to knit gifts, I give away the cowls I don’t wear as often as I used to. My family has caught onto this plan, and they’re starting to call dibs on the cowls they particularly love.

And cowls and infinity scarves aren’t just for women! One of the great things that’s happened in the evolution of fashion is the appearance of more unisex items. Guys love infinity scarves, particularly, so don’t count them out when you’re making your guy’s gift list.

The pattern I’m highlighting today is the Happy Jack Knit Cowl by Laura Reinbach. Happy Jack is worked back and forth in rows, with garter-stitch edges (which you can see in the photo beiw), and then grafted together to finish. Its stitch looks woven, but it’s actually called the drop stitch cable. Here’s a closer look:

We love the Happy Jack knit cowl!

Drop Stitch Cable pattern

The stitch pattern is very cool. I thought you might be interested in how it’s accomplished.

Drop Stitch Cable Pattern
(multiple of 6 sts)

Row 1 (RS) Knit.
Row 2 (WS) K2, purl to last 2 sts, k2.
Row 3 K3, *k1, wrapping yarn 2 times around needle; rep from * to last 3 sts, k3.
Row 4 K2, p1, *sl 3 sts onto cn (letting extra loops drop), hold in front, p3 (letting extra loops drop), p3 from cn; rep from * to last 3 sts, p1, k2.
Row 5 Rep Row 1.
Row 6 Rep Row 2.
Rep Rows 1–6 for patt.

Really interesting pattern with so much texture. And it is truly unisex, so there are lots of possibilities. I could see this stitch pattern knit up in a scarf, from a soft, chunky yarn. Nice!

Are you ready to get happy? Order the Happy Jack Knit Cowl Kit now! You’ll get the premier issue of knitscene handmade—which includes the pattern—and two skeins of SweetGeorgia Yarns Superwash Worsted yarn. The color is exclusive to knitscene!



P.S. What knitting projects make you happy? Leave a comment below and let me know!




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