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Part of Kathleen’s embarrassment of riches

Like many knitters, I have a lot of knitting needles. A LOT. I started knitting on straight needles, but I now use circular needles almost exclusively. I like just having one needle to keep track of, and I appreciate the versatility of circular needles. You can knit back and forth or in the round on the same  needles. I also use the Magic Loop technique a lot, so a long circular needle is crucial.

At right are some of my favorite needles, and they all have one thing in common: they’re addi® Turbos from Skacel. There’s a variety of different needles here—several pairs of the original addis (with my favorite metal core cable), lace needles (the red cable), and Rockets (the blue cables). These needles also help me knit faster, which is something I really appreciate about them. The slick metal finish allows stitches to slide quickly from one needle to the other.

I have lots of other brands of needles, but I do use the addis most often. My collection is pretty vast, I must admit. The photo at right is just a small sampling of my addi inventory. I’m not ashamed that I have a number of pairs that are the same, or similar, such as two pairs of 8s, but in different lengths. I am one of those people with lots of projects on the needles at one time, so I need duplicates!


Addi® Turbo Rockets Editor’s Choice Set

Serious knitters need serious tools, and addi needles fit the bill. The Interweave Knits editors agree, and they’ve put together an exclusive set of addi Turbo Rockets Circular Needles. It includes all of the sizes knitters use most often, from 3s all the way up to 10s, with 32″ cables. They come in a handy case, which I love. I’ve had a case like this for years (in a funky yellow swirly pattern, for want of a better description), and it’s perfect for circular needles. Take a look:

Knits editor Lisa Shroyer worked with Skacel to develop this fabulous set. Here’s how it all came about.

Get Serious About Your Knitting with addi® Turbos

It was fall a couple years ago when I traveled to Minneapolis as a guest judge for the knitting design competition The Fiber Factor. I worked with several yarn industry icons and the team from Skacel to choose a winner in a late-stage episode of the competition.

Knit Project

Lisa knitting with addi Rockets

It was a highly rewarding experience, and it came with an unexpected bonus. As a  thank‑you for participating, Skacel, which put on the program, offered its judges a choice of any of the company’s yarns or needles. I chose addi Turbo Rocket fixed circular needles.

I’m a fast knitter, I use a lot of sticky wool, and I like to zoom—so nickel-plated metal needles are my preference. The addi Turbo Rockets have extra‑pointy tips, and I’d been eyeing them—here was my chance! Skacel sent me ten sizes in the 24″ (60 cm) length.

As we approached our fall issue this year, my team  wanted to put together an exclusive kit for our readers,  something that we can stand by as knitters ourselves.

We’ve partnered with Skacel to bring you the Interweave Knits Editor’s Pick addi Turbo Rockets Circular Needle Set. I chose 32″ (80 cm) lengths for this set, because I often found myself wishing that I had them, instead of 24″. With 32″ circular needles, you can knit a variety of sweater sizes, as well as any project worked flat—especially shawls, which we’re fans of here at Interweave Knits.

—Lisa Shroyer, Editor, Interweave Knits

I can’t recommend these needles highly enough. Skacel is a leader in the knitting industry, and addi Turbo needles are truly the Cadillac of knitting needles.

Get your Interweave Knits Editor’s Pick addi® Turbo Rockets Circular Needle Set today, before they’re gone!


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