Knit and Crochet Handmade Hostess Gift Ideas for 7 Kinds of Hosts

Are you a giver of hostess gifts? I have to confess that until very recently, I had never even heard of or considered giving a holiday host a thank-you gift. My sincere apologies go out to any of my hosts in years gone by who may have felt slighted by this omission! If you, like me, want to show your hosts some extra appreciation this holiday season, consider these handmade hostess gift ideas to knit and crochet.

(Side note: I’m a little uncomfortable with the term “hostess gift” because, to me, it conjures an image of a frazzled housewife laboring all day over a hot stove while her husband watches football. From here on out, I’m going to switch between the words “host” and “hostess,” because anyone can have people over for the holidays, and if they are part of a couple, hopefully they’re sharing the work!)

What host wouldn’t love to receive a set of lovely, bright towels like these? Pattern: Kitchen Dish Towels by Kathy Hammerton from Quick + Easy Knits. | Photo by George Boe

For a Practical Hostess: Handmade Kitchen Towels

A practical host knows one can never have too many towels, and will always appreciate an attractive addition to their collection. Handmade towels, either knitted or crocheted, are just as washable and durable as purchased towels. Choose a simple pattern like Kathy Hammerton’s Kitchen Dish Towels from Quick + Easy Knits and create a soft, absorbent towel that will perfectly match your host’s décor.

Can you picture this cute wall hanging in your hostess’s kitchen or entryway? Pattern: Knit a Bit Wall Hanging by Kiyomi Burgin from knitscene Accessories 2015. | Photo by Harper Point Photography

For a Kitschy Host: Colorwork Wall Hanging

For a hostess with quirky, eclectic taste, consider a custom handknit wall hanging. The Knit a Bit Wall Hanging pattern by Kiyomi Burgin from knitscene Accessories 2015 comes with a complete alphabet chart, so you can customize your message to perfectly suit your host’s taste. You could even change out the colorwork heart for a different motif. Check out Alterknit Stitch Dictionary for inspiration, or design your own with graph paper!

Psst . . . crocheters can get a similar effect with tapestry crochet! You’ll end up with fringe on the sides, which I encourage you to leave loose for a fun boho effect.

Give your host the gift of a lovely post-holidays home spa day! Pattern: Mediterranean Scrub Set by Jill Wolcott from Love of Knitting Summer 2017. | Photo by George Boe

For a Hostess Who Needs to Chill: Handknit Bath Set

Some hosts get a little high strung about big events like holiday meals, but volunteer to host anyway because they objectively do a great job. After all their hard work, they’ll really appreciate something to help them unwind. Knitting an item or two from Jill Wolcott’s Mediterranean Scrub Set from Love of Knitting Summer 2017 is a great way to show that their efforts are appreciated. Include a luxurious bar of soap for a special touch!

Holiday décor is a great low-pressure hostess gift that will be cherished for years to come. Clockwise from top left: Snowman Family by Jesie Ostermiller from Interweave Knits Holiday 2016, O Tannenbaum by Deborah Bagley and Star Flakes by Sue Perez from Love of Crochet Winter 2017. | Photos by Harper Point Photography, George Boe

For the Hostess Who’s Ready for Christmas: Handmade Holiday Decor

For a Thanksgiving host who you know is secretly counting down the days until Christmas, it’s a great time to give them some cute handmade holiday décor. They’ll have plenty of time to display the gift before the holidays and they’ll think of you each year when they pull out their holiday decorations! Festive wall hangings like Deborah Bagley’s O Tannenbaum or ornaments like Sue Perez’s Star Flakes, both from Love of Crochet Winter 2017 are great choices, as are tabletop decorations like Jesie Ostermiller’s Snowman Family from Interweave Knits Holiday 2016.

Don’t just bring flowers—bring flowers packaged in a handmade cozy! Left to right: Home Grown Plant Cozy, by Vickie Howell from Crochetscene 2017. Rag Yarn Vase Cozy by Maria O’Keefe from Interweave Crochet Fall 2018. | Photos by Harper Point Photography

For the Host with a Green Thumb: Crocheted Plant or Vase Cozy

Lots of people give flowers as hostess gifts, but not many people accompany the flowers with a handmade vase cozy! If your host is always bringing home new plants, whether live, cut, or artificial, they’ll appreciate a stylish way to display the bounty. The Home Grown Plant Cozy by Vickie Howell from Crochetscene 2017 is a great option that doesn’t take up any counter space. For a fun way to use up fabric scraps and remnants, try the Rag Yarn Vase Cozy by Maria O’Keefe from Interweave Crochet Fall 2018.

How cute are these succulents made entirely from yarn? Who wouldn’t love to receive this handmade hostess gift? Pattern: Simple Succulents by Tagil Perlmutter. | Photo by George Boe

For the Hostess with a Black Thumb: Crochet Succulents

If your host is prone to killing even the most low-maintenance of plants, a handmade option can be a fun way to scratch that plant-loving itch. The Simple Succulents crochet pattern by Tagil Perlmutter is a wonderful option that will delight a gardening-challenged hostess.

These gorgeous trivets are made with yards and yards of I-cord made on a machine, making them a perfect last-minute gift to whip up on the plane. Pattern: Sock Yarn Braided Trivets by Martha Lazar from Interweave Knits Summer 2015.

For the First-Time Host: Trivets

First time hosts for a holiday meal never quite know what they’re getting into! One great way to help out is to provide an extra handmade trivet or two. Whether knitted or crocheted, handmade trivets help ensure all those hot dishes have a safe place to rest—just be sure to use cotton yarn with no acrylic! The Sock Yarn Braided Trivets by Martha Lazar from Interweave Knits Summer 2015 are an elegant but simple option.

This Thanksgiving, I’m visiting my aunt and uncle in Chicago. I know they’ve been riding their tandem bicycle a lot recently, so I’m going to knit them a wall hanging that modifies the bicycle chart from Alterknit Stitch Dictionary into a tandem, with the phrase “Life’s a Wonderful Ride!” above it. If it turns out well, I’ll give you an update!

What do you usually give as hostess gifts? Or are you, like me, just now realizing the potential of a handmade hostess gift to thank your friends and family for opening their homes to you? Let me know in the comments!

Yours in Stitches,

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