Knit a sweet baby sweater pattern

Two families I know just had babies, and I need to knit something for each of them.

One is a precious baby boy. He’s two weeks old, and so bright-eyed and beautiful. The other is a gorgeous little girl, who’s three months old, with a full head of darling curls.

I know what I’m going to knit, and I think you’ll love it as much as I do—a Bear Baby Sweater!

This is a simple hoodie with ears added to take it up a notch on the cuteness meter. This is the perfect unisex gift, and really, what’s more adorable than a little cardigan with bear ears? Not much. Check it out!

Bear Baby Sweater Pattern to Knit

We’ve got a kit for this little project, and you’ll not only get the yarn to make the baby sweater, but also a video from Allyson Dykhuizen that takes you step-by-step through adapting one baby sweater pattern into several different designs.

Cute overload, right? Get your Baby Bear Kit today and cast on a sweater for a precious little treasure in your life.


P.S. Leave a comment below and tell me about your got-to baby shower pattern!

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