Knit a Reversible Cowl for this Arctic Blast!

I'm in Colorado this week, working on photoshoots and 2015 planning and thinking lots about spring and summer collections. Meanwhile! It's about 9 degrees outside. The other night, it was -4 degrees when I walked to dinner. I am a southerner and I do not like snow and I really do not like arctic temperatures. I saw, on one news report, this cold front being described as "relentless arctic cold." That's what it feels like. 

So my knits are getting a lot of wear, you guys. Sweaters, hats, scarves, socks, all in one outfit, piled on top of each other. I could use a big plush cowl, though; something that stands up inside the collar of my puffy vest. A while back, I swatched for the Fall River Cowl, which is the cover project for the new winter issue of Interweave Knits. This is a really cool project–it's tall for a cowl, which allows for pulling it up over the top of the head like a hood. It's also worked in an unusual stitch pattern that the designer, Erica Schlueter, developed–a welting pattern that calls for picking up the backs of stitches several rows below the working row. This creates that deep, plush, corrugated texture you can see in the cowl. All that welting traps in air and makes for a very warm accessory. 

reversible knitted cowl

The other effect of this pattern, which is worked in knits and purls, is that it's reversible. No, the two sides aren't identical, but they're both intriguing and textured. I like to look for patterns that are two-sided, that look good on both sides, when it comes to cowls, scarves, and shawls. This is because you'll inevitably see the wrong side in these kinds of projects. We have several projects in the Winter issue that feature some kind of two-sided patterning, in addition to the Fall River Cowl:

reversible knitted scarves

If you like the look of the Fall River Cowl and any of these other projects, check out the exclusive kit we have for the cowl. This kit includes the yarn for the cowl and the Winter issue, which includes all of these patterns. We're offering an exclusive colorway in the cowl yarn; if you purchase the kit, the yarn is not the same color as the one in the magazine. Our yarn for the cowl is a warm, happy scarlet. You can see that color and a swatch in the cowl pattern below. 

I hope you're staying warm out there! Take some time this weekend to knit a big, cozy, reversible accessory for yourself or someone you love. And bundle up!

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