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3 Free Knitted Prayer Shawl Patterns: Knit One for Someone in Need

Free knitted prayer shawl patterns you have to knit.

Make a knitted prayer shawl for someone in need with these 3 free knitting patterns.Prayer shawls can be knitted for anyone in need of comfort or well-wishes. The idea is that the knitter sends love and good wishes with every stitch she knits, literally knitting her good will, prayers, and hopes into the prayer shawl. Knitted prayer shawl patterns are usually easy to knit, this is so that the knitter can concentrate on the thoughts being poured into the stitches rather than a complicated knitting pattern.

To honor this expression of goodwill, we created this beautiful free eBook: 3 Free Prayer Shawl Patterns for Reflection and Inspiration. Start with the easy pattern “Simple Prayer Shawl.” The eyelet border adds interest without making the shawl complicated. The “Lacy Prayer Shawl” is a variation of the first, but with an added column of eyelets built into the center of the knitted shawl pattern. The third, “Comfort Shawl,” is still a quick knit, but has even more embellishments built in. Prayer shawl patterns are a great way to express your emotions while enhancing your basic knitting skills, and we hope you enjoy all three!

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Sneak-Peek at the Knitted Prayer Shawl Patterns You’ll Find:

Easy-as-Pie Shawl Pattern

You'll love knitting this easy knitted prayer shawl pattern.
Simple Prayer Shawl by Kathleen Cubley
This easy-as pie shawl pattern includes a built in eyelet border for texture and interest. A cashmere merino silk blend was selected for a luxurious feel and extra comfort. Repeat the simple two row pattern until the desired size is reached, then bind off and block to bring out the eyelet design.

Lace Prayer Shawl

Learn how to knit this knitted prayer shawl that involves knitting lace.
Lacy Prayer Shawl by Kathleen Cubley
For this shawl, four rows are worked up followed by a simple two row repeat until the desired size is reach, which makes the pattern incredibly easy to remember and take with you. Along with the prayer shawl instructions you’ll find a tutorial on creating optional crochet picot border for an extra touch.

Soft and Cozy Shawl

This is the perfect knitted prayer shawl pattern to make for someone who needs comfort and softness.
Comfort Shawl Pattern by Sandi Wiseheart
This soft, beautiful shawl is an incredibly flexible pattern, you can chose the yarn and needle size as you like to create a shawl of any size. Work until the desired length is reached, then add the lace border for a special touch to this prayer shawl pattern.

If you know someone who needs a pick-me-up, make them a prayer shawl. You’ll both get so much out of the experience. With every stitch in prayers shawls, you send love and well wishes to the recipient. The gift of a knitted prayer shawl is one that will be appreciated and cherished. If you have been searching for a great pattern to work up into prayer shawls, look no further than this free eBook.

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