Knit a Lace Hat with a Lining

The Frosted Pines Hat

Some people deserve a really special gift. If there's a gal on your list who is very deserving, the Frosted Pines Hat from Knits Gifts 2013 is just the thing.

It's special hat is knit in two-layers. It has a beautiful lace outer shell and a contrasting-color stockinette lining. It's feminine and really warm. This design uses corrugated ribbing split into two separately worked layers, which are then joined at the crown. The slouchy style looks good on everyone.

Here's designer Corrina Ferguson to tell you how to work this hat.

Knitting the Frosted Pines Hat

The corrugated ribbing for the Frosted Pines Hat is worked on the smaller needles using both colors. Before you can continue to work the hat layers individually, the colors must be divided. The green (contrast-color—CC) stitches will be the stockinette-stitch lining of the hat and will be held to the back or inside of the work.

The cream (main-color—MC) stitches will be the lace overlay for the hat and will be held to the front or outside of the work. Once you finish the corrugated ribbing, thread your tapestry needle with a brightly contrasting length of waste yarn in the same weight. A smooth yarn without mohair or other grabby fibers works best. The piece of yarn should be at least 2 feet long—long enough to encircle the entire hat with some room to spare.

Swatch 1 Swatch 2
Swatch 3

Weave the waste yarn into only the MC stitches, keeping the waste yarn on the outside of the hat as shown in Swatch 1. When you've finished catching all the MC stitches with the waste yarn, tie it securely so no stitches escape. Using the larger circular needle, carefully slip each of the CC stitches onto the needle one at a time. The CC stitches should be situated behind the MC stitches—to the inside of the hat—for the stockinette lining. Increase as directed in the pattern (k1f&b every stitch) and work in stockinette stitch as directed (Swatch 2). The MC stitches will stay on the waste yarn until the lining is complete.

Frosted Pines Hat, top view

After the stockinette lining has been completed, carefully slip each of the MC stitches onto the larger circular needle one stitch at a time. The increases for the lace overlay are worked differently in order to achieve a more ornate lace effect. Increase as directed in the pattern, using a combination of yarnovers and knit-yarnover-knits to seamlessly transition the corrugated ribbing into the lace pattern (Swatch 3).

After the hat has been completed, the two layers are reattached by simply drawing the end of the MC yarn through the center of the CC lining. Weaving in the ends on the inside of the lining lets the lining and the overlay stay perfectly in place.

—Corrina Ferguson, from Interweave Knits Gifts 2013

I think this hat is absolutely beautiful. It's an interesting knit, the kind we all need to attempt from time to time. So learn something new! Get your copy of Knits Gifts and knit the Frosted Pines Hat for someone special on your gift list.


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