Knit a winning sweater!

If you watched the second Presidential Debate, you know the winner was a certain red sweater.

It’s already sold out on Amazon, but as knitters, we can make our own! So here are a few knit sweaters for men that we think would be great tributes to the The Red Sweater:

The ultimate Ken Bone sweater: The Bastille Pullover!
Kathy Zimmerman’s Bastille Sweater is gorgeous, with it’s cables and moss stitch panels. Guys will be be right at home in this beauty.

The Timber Sweater, knit in red, would be a great Ken Bone sweater!timberssweater1
The Timber Sweater by Rebecca Blair is shawl-collar goodness. The allover textured stitch is simple and masculine, but adds lots of character. And it would be so snazzy in red!

The Cambridge Sweater would make a great Ken Bone Sweater! Just switch the orange to red.
Inspired by the casual men’s sweater jackets of the 1950s, Ann Budd’s Cambridge Jacket uses placed ribs for fit and knitterly detail. This style stands the test of time; it’s as stylish now as it was in the 50s.

Knit up in red, the Cotswold Sweater would be a great Ken Bone sweater!
Meghan Babin set out to design a sweater that any guy would want—the result is the Cotswold Henley, a rugged yet sophisticated sweater with touches of textured stitches and a classic Henley style.

The hero pullover is perfect for a Ken Bone sweater, in both name and style.
The super-popular chevron pattern makes an appearance on Ann Budd’s Hero Pullover. A short, zippered placket at the neck gives you room to breathe. I would love to see this one in red!

Choose one of these and knit it up for yourself, or your guy! And please, knit it in red!


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