Knit a Keepsake for the Holidays

Awhile back I confessed that I might not be knitting as much as I usually do for the holiday season. Well that turned out to be a big, fat lie!

I'm sure many of you can join me on the Island of Frenzied Gift Knitting, which is very close to the Island of Misfit Toys if you need to orient yourself. And if you're just packing for your trip to the Island of Frenzied Gift Knitting, below are some great ideas for items that you might want to throw in your suitcase.

I chose these patterns because they all have keepsake or heirloom potential. The word "heirloom" makes me giggle because when one of my best friends, a non-knitter, was expecting, my knitting friend and I asked her what she wanted for the baby and she said, "Oh, I don't know. How about an heirloom blanket?" We laughed because how do you just whip up an heirloom?

And what exactly makes an heirloom? Three things come to mind for me: something that has longevity and is passed through a family, something beautiful (or not—but many of the things I consider heirlooms are beautiful to me), and something treasured.

For my sister-in-law's baby shower, I knitted a teddy bear. My nephew, Henry, sleeps with that bear every night, and even though the bear is well-loved now I think he'll become an heirloom because my family saves those sorts of things and hands them down. I have dolls from my gramma and Henry has my brother's childhood Curious George. So, you never know what will become important to someone!

Classic Teddy Bear Baby Kimono   tea set hot water bottle cover
Classic Teddy Bear   Baby Kimono Fiesta Tea Set   Aran Hot Water Bottle Cover
This one is darling for any baby or young child (or for anyone, actually!)   So precious. I've knit this myself; it's a quick knit that will live on for generations.   What little person wouldn't love to play with this tea set? Especially if Mom and Dad have a set of real Fiestaware!   There's nothing as comforting as a hot water bottle, and this cozy cover will keep it warm even longer.









Fresco Fair Isle Mitts Eye sachet Luscious collar
  Fresco Fair Isle Mitts   Streaming Leaves
Lavender Eye Pillow
  Luscious Collar
  I'm lap deep in these now—someone's going to be happy on Christmas morning!   I might need this myself after the frenzied gift knitting ends! Yum, lavender.   This looks so classy on a jacket or a cardigan. I love it.

I hope you'll try one of these quick, keepsake-worthy patterns, and I'll see you on the Island!



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